Meta Tags are a specific HTML tag, primarily utilized by search engines for classifying and indexing web pages. The sites in this category provide descriptions and analysis of Meta Tags, specifications, and tips and tutorials for writing them.

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AIM Pro: Meta Tag Tutorial
An overview of tags with examples of correct usage.
Back to Basics: META Tags
A thorough tutorial with explanations of each tag.
Custom Made Meta Tags
A fee based meta tag and promotion service.
Good Keywords
Windows web page keywords building software. Available for free download.
HTML Meta Tags
Taxonomy of HTML meta tags, with references. Discusses using tags to change character sets, refresh browsers to other pages, and improve search engine indexing.
Learning HTML 3.2 by Example: Meta Info
Section describing meta tags. Discusses purposes, typical rendering, basic syntax, possible attributes, notes, and links to further references.
Meta and Title Tags - Website Publisher
An article on how the title, description and keyword tags affect pages' rankings.
Meta Tag Resources - Webdeveloper
Meta tag resources, software and services page.
Meta Tag Tips by Brian Taylor
Explains how to create description and keyword tags. Includes a meta tag generator and hints for using search engines.
Meta Tag Tutorial - HTML Source
Covers keywords, description, author and refresh tags. Includes links to major search engines and an article on promoting webpages.
Submit Corner: Meta Tag Guide
Provides definition of various tags. Includes a code generator and related links.
Using HTML Meta Tags - SearchEngineWatch
Explains the description and keyword tags. Includes links to generators and builders.
Web Design Group Meta Tag Reference
A technical description of HTML 4.0's meta element for metadata.
What Are HTML Meta Tags?
Short Meta tag tutorial on what they are, how to write them, and using them to improve search engine placement.
Writing good metatags for Search Engine Optimisation
Describes the metatags to use so that search engines rank website highly: Title, Description, Keywords and Language.
High Rankings: Can Meta tags such as the keyword tag bring High Rankings to my site?
Some tips on how to add keyword meta tags without getting a spamming penalty by search engines. (November 12, 2001)
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