The OASIS Open Document Format for Office Applications (often abbreviated to OpenDocument or ODF) is an open format for saving and exchanging documents such as formatted text, spreadsheets, databases, charts, and presentations. used OpenDocument as its native format from version 2.0 onward. Versions 2.0–2.3.0 default to the ODF 1.0 file format; versions 2.3.1–2.4.3 default to ODF 1.1; versions 3.0 onward default to ODF 1.2.

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Open Document Format for Office Applications
Contains OpenDocument standards, locations of downloads and versions.
Apache ODF Toolkit (incubating)
Provides a home for libraries that ease the development of applications that support ODF.
OASIS OpenDocument Essentials
Online book with useful information for developers about how to work with the format. Available in HTML and PDF formats, with option to purchase a hard-copy.
OASIS OpenDocument Technical Committee
Project for the development of an open, XML-based document format. Includes a list of activities, workgroups, and documents.
ODF Add-in for Microsoft Word
Includes a plug-in which allows import and export of OpenDocument files. Documentation, downloads, and information for contributors.
Open-source command-line tool which converts OpenDocument Text to plain text.
OpenDocument Fellowship
Grass roots group promoting the file format. Details of activities, online resources, and membership information.
OpenDocument Viewer
Cross-platform viewer for ODF files. Download, FAQ, and development status.
Community gathering place and information resource for the OpenDocument Format (ODF) OASIS Standard. Includes news and a wiki knowledgebase.
Rob Weir: An Antic Disposition
Contains a number of ODF related articles.
A JavaScript library to view and edit OpenDocument Format files on the web. Supports OpenDocument Text, Spreadsheet, and Presentation files.
Wikipedia: OpenDocument
Encyclopedia article explaining the format, its features and implications.
What Is OpenDocument?
Sam Hiser looks at ODF, how it implements XML for office documents, the technical and political wranglings in the standard, and the currently available tools and applications. (July 27, 2006)
ISO and IEC Approve OpenDocument OASIS Standard for Data Interoperability of Office Applications
Press release from ISO concerning the approval of ODF v1.0 as the standard ISO/IEC 26300. (May 08, 2006)
OASIS News: Members Approve OpenDocument as OASIS Standard
Official press release covering the approval of ODF v1.0. (May 23, 2005)

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