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Moderated satellite radio discussion board focused on XM hardware, setup, and installation.
Center for Satellite and Hybrid Communication Networks (CSHCN)
Investigate interoperable hybrid networks that seamlessly link new satellite and wireless systems with cellular, cable, Internet and telephone networks schematic. Includes research information, and staff profiles .
Digisat, Inc.
Digisat, Inc. offers turnkey satellite communications systems, Internet connectivity, VOIP network, new and used equipment.
Foxcom Fiberoptics
Bringing fiber optic technology, RF over fiber systems, and HFC broadband network solutions for all related fiber-optic companies.
Satellite broadband for rural areas via satellite and Wi-Fi technologies
Go Electronic Satellite Radio
Satellite radio antennas and receivers for XM and Sirius Satellite radio.
Provides a high-end e-mail, telex and fax solution for remote users anywhere in the world.
Intellcom Limited
Satellite solutions for small and medium size enterprises to share high speed Internet access over the LAN.
A directory of links to satellite providers and communication providers worldwide.
Lloyd's Satellite Constellations
Information on Iridium, Teledesic, Globalstar, Orbcomm, ICO Global, Ellipso, Skybridge as well as general information on satellites.
Optistreams Incorporated
2-Way satellite internet service provider supplying high speed internet access via satellite. Offering a satellite networking solution for internet networks.
A useful resource for both novices and experts alike in the field of satellite communications. An online link budget calculator or an anatomy of satellites and satellite communication terminals are explored.
The Saudi Network
Article describing system benefits. Includes VSAT acronyms, and FAQs on the technology, equipment, regulations, and licensing .
SaVi satellite constellation visualization
Software to simulate satellite constellations, such as ICO, Teledesic and other systems mentioned in this directory, in two and three dimensions.
Skyview Satellite Networks
Skyview Satellite Networks is a leader in the distribution of satellite news and sports radio network programming offering current state news and sports distribution.
Telemar UK
A world wide supplier of Marine satellite and wireless marine communications equipment, as well as electronics repair and maintenance, airtime and navigational equipment.
VSAT Systems LLC
Provides wholesale satellite Internet service for VAR, VNO, dealers and business customers featuring fixed and mobile satellite Internet, VSAT satellite Internet, teleport uplink and colocation services.
World Technology Evaluation Center
NASA/NSF Executive Summary.
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