This category is for providers of services, generally on-line, so users may receive messages transmitted in multiple formats to a single subscriber inbox. It is further intended for first-tier providers. Those re-directing or providing second-tier services will not be listed. It is NOT appropriate for shareware, nor is it appropriate for software-solutions designed for loading onto local or network locations. Spam listings (listing sent in bulk to multiple categories) will be deleted from this category without ceremony.

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Accessline Voice Services
Offers hosted communications and voice services to Small to Medium Business throughout the United States.
Call Sciences
Provides an inbound call management solutions throughout the United States and the United Kingdom.
Concord Fax Online
Offers toll free unified messaging services along with fax broadcasting and internet based fax transmission throughout the United States.
Digital Mail
Offers customer-centric communications solutions throughout the UK.
Earnware Corporation
Offers hosted unified messaging services that include an integrated organizer, customer relationship management, and sales automation tools.
Offers virtual pbx services throughout the United States.
Innoport Unified Communications
Offers unified messaging services along with internet-based fax delivery, hosted PBX services, voicemail and secure instant messaging throughout the United States.
J2 Global Communications
Provides unified messaging services throughout the United States and internationally. Able to pick international fax and voicemail number.
Main Strike Telecommunications, Inc.
Business and consumer fax, email, voice and telemarketing services.
Parus Interactive
Offers premium speech-enabled unified communications solutions and services. Also offers audio and video conferencing, email management, voice messaging, and virtual assistant solutions for enterprises and entrepeneurs.
Puma Unified Communications
Offers a fax-to-email solution in over 160 UK area codes and Europe.
Provides unified messaging services including virtual auto attendant, 1-number-find-follow-me, virtual fax and voice mail, and web-enabled voice mail services throughout the United States.
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