The people actively involved in research in theoretical computer science.

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Adam D. Smith
Assistant Professor at PSU. Provides details of teaching and research.
Albert R. Meyer
Hitachi America Professor of Engineering, EECS Dept, MIT and member of Theory of Computation Group at CSAIL.
Alex Lopez-Ortiz
Professor, School of Computer Science, Faculty of Mathematics, University of Waterloo.
Bernard Jacquemin's NLP page
Research interests in natural language processing, lexical semantics using both symbolic and statistical analysis methods for parsing and word sense disambiguation, sense representation and rephrasing
Christos H. Papadimitriou
Professor in CS Dept, UCB.
Daniel A. Spielman
Professor of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science at Yale.
David R. Karger
Faculty at EECS Dept, MIT and member of CSAIL.
Giorgi Japaridze
Associate Professor in Department of Computing Sciences, Villanova University, Pennsylvania.
John Mitchell
Professor in Computer Science Department at Stanford University
Karl-Heinz Pennemann
Researcher in theoretical computer science, specifically in the area verification of graph-based specifications. Website provides academic papers and personal information.
Madhu Sudan
Faculty at EECS Department, MIT and member of Theory of Computing group in CSAIL.
Murdoch James Gabbay
Researcher in theoretical computer science. Home site with academic resources (academic papers and talks), opinions, and personal information.
Rajeev Motwani
Professor and Director of Graduate Studies, Computer Science Department, Stanford University.
Ronald L. Rivest
Andrew and Erna Viterbi Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in MIT's EECS Dept and member of Theory of Computation Group at CSAIL.
Saugata Basu
Professor in Department of Mathematics at Purdue University.
Simon Perdrix
Postdoc at the Laboratory for Foundation of Computer Science (LFCS). Research in models of quantum computation, high level methods for quantum computing and state transfer.
Tom Leighton
Professor of Applied Mathematics at MIT and member of the Theory of Computation group at CSAIL.
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