This category is for distributed computing projects. A distributed computing project is a coordinated attack on a particular computational problem, normally open to public participation through the Internet. The organization that wants to solve the problem writes software that divides up the problem into little pieces, then other people download the software and let it run on their computers when they're not doing anything else. A well-known example is SETI@Home, a search through radio signals looking for alien intelligence.

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Distributed computing project for finding abc-triples related to the mathematical A+B=C, or ABC conjecture.
Boitho distributed crawler (BETA). Goal is to make a general internet search engine with a thumbnail picture of all the pages.
The ChessBrain Network
Distributed network chess experiment. Intends to create a single playing program using donated time.
Large-scale simulation where each participant is given one slightly different scenario to run. Those that successfully model past weather patterns will be more likely to accurately predict the future.
Computing Minimum Equal Sums of Like Power
Includes client software download, computation records, and project description on its research into mathematical problems.
Distributed Proofreaders
Founded to support the digitization of public domain books. Originally conceived to assist Project Gutenberg, Distributed Proofreaders is now the main source of PG e-books.
Kirk Pearson's directory of current distributed computing projects as well as news articles and related materials.
Uses a computer's idle time to search for spinning neutron stars (also called pulsars) using data from the LIGO and GEO gravitational wave detectors.
Globus Project
Research project developing a software infrastructure for distributed computing on a world-wide scale.
GPU, a Global Processing Unit
GPU is an Open Source Gnutella/Pastella client that allows users to share CPU-resources on a truly P2P based cluster. Applications include a Landscape Generator able to generate movies and an experimental Distributed Search Engine. The client is under development.
A distributed computing effort by the United Devices Global MetaProcessor with the participation of over 2 million PCs worldwide for cancer, anthrax, and smallpox research projects.
Gómez PEER Community
Project pays select computer users to run a client that tests internet performance.
How to Join Distributed Computing Projects That Benefit Humanity
An annotated directory of projects combined with commentary and illustrations or screenshots.
The Hunting of the Snark Project
Explores distributed file sharing through BitTorrent and experiments with the GNU Compiler for Java. It also produces a regular BitTorrent client, torrent creator and tracker program.
Legion: A Worldwide Virtual Computer
Research project homed at the University of Virginia. An open specification and prototype for a worldwide virtual computer.
Leiden Classical
BOINC project, dedicated to general classical dynamics for any scientist or science student.
Majestic 12
Distributed Computing Project aimed towards building the largest search engine index on the Internet using Distributed Crawlers.
Muon1 Optimisation Project
Uses PC idle time to simulate and design a particle accelerator.
NGrid is a .Net open source grid computing framework written in C#. NGrid provides a transparent multithread and garbage collected programming model for grid programming.
The NorduGrid Project
Research and Development collaboration aiming at development, maintenance and support of the free Grid middleware known as the Advance Resource Connector (ARC). News, documentation, downloads, and background information.
Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) Distributed Computing Project
Project goal is a single run-time environment that ties together several networked supercomputers. Intended users are the community of scientists and engineers addressing "grand challenge" computations.
Quite Advanced Distributed Parallel Zystem (QADPZ)
The system allows the management/use of the computational power of idle computers in a network. Based on a client-master-slave architecture, using message based communication.
Repository of Grid Research Projects
News and resources on grid computing.
Search for Fermat Number Dividers
Screensaver program tries to find divisors of Fermat numbers.
SZTAKI Desktop Grid
Currently searches for generalized binary number systems.
The Virtual Laboratory Project
Engaged in research, design, and development of Grid technologies that help in solving large-scale compute and data intensive science applications in the area of molecular biology.
World Community Grid
Mission is to create the largest public computing grid benefiting humanity. Currently supporting the Human Proteome Folding project to provide scientists with data that predicts the shape of a very large number of human proteins.
American Scientist: Collective Wisdom
Article discusses the "early days" (pre-1998) of distributed computing projects, explains the basics of how they work and how to get them to work well, describes some early successes, and considers how CPU cycles may someday become a commodity to be bought, sold or traded. (March 01, 1998)

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