Research groups in the theory of databases.

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Database and Artificial Intelligence Group, TU Vienna, Austria
Research focus is on database systems and theory and the connection between databases and AI.
Erlangen University
Department of Database Systems. Research projects include data warehousing, scientific database management, workflow management, and distributed data.
Hasselt University
Research group on theoretical computer science (foundations of XML, data mining, bioinformatics)
Multimedia Databases at Delft
Research focus is on object management and semantic modeling.
Nykredit Center for Database Research
Aims to intensify research in database technology in Denmark. Research projects in temporal databases, data warehousing, spatio-temporal databases, and world-wide-web data management.
Penn Database Research Group
Home page of the database research group at the University of Pennsylvania.
Saint-Petersburg State University
Database Research Group. English/Russian.
Simon Fraser University
Intelligent Database Systems Research Laboratory. Research and development of data mining and data warehousing technology.
Stanford University Infolab
Database research group homepage. Research, Academic Contacts, some Technical tips.
Technische Universitaet Dresden
Database Group. Research areas include multimedia databases, workflow management systems, document management, and information retrieval.
University of Antwerp
The ADReM research group of the University of Antwerp focuses on expressiveness of next generation query languages for object oriented, semistructured, and spatial databases as well as for data mining.
University of Edinburgh
Topics of current interest include semistructured data and XML, data integration, novel approaches to query processing and storage, data provenance, archiving and annotation.
University of Freiburg
Databases and Information Systems. Research areas include deductive object-oriented database languages, active and deductive databases, referential integrity, and temporal logics.
University of Michigan Database Group
The database group at Michigan is focused on building the data management infrastructure for the twenty-first century.
University of Toronto
Database Group. Research areas include query processing, indexing, genetic data management, data mining and internet-based information systems.
University of Twente
Database research group of the University of Twente is active in the areas of XML, multimedia, and Information Retrieval.
University of Washington
Database Research Group. Areas of focus include database techniques for the web and the management of heterogeneous and semistructured data, and theoretical issues relating to complexity and query containment.
University of Waterloo
Database Research Group. Research areas: traditional relational database systems, as well as systems for complex objects, geometric data, text, and real-time data.
University of Zurich
Activities of the Database Technology Group include research and education in database technology and related areas.
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Research group focussing on research issues and project work related to very large database and information systems
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