Academic departments of Computer Science in the UK.

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Anglia Ruskin University
Department of Computing and Technology. Information about the department, its research activities, courses available, and how to apply.
Bangor University
School of Computer Science. Research groups: Applied research in information systems; Control and instrumentation; Distributed and parallel systems; Radionavigation; Optoelectonics; Quantum computation and communication; Systems integration.
Canterbury Christ Church University College
Department of Computing. Course descriptions.
Cardiff University
Department of Computer Science. Research areas include Parallel and distributed computing, evolutionary and neural computing, heuristics for combinatorial optimization, computational spectral theory, vision, computational geometry, and federated information systems, object-oriented systems, constraints, data warehousing and data mining.
Chester College, University of Liverpool
Department of Computer Science and Information Systems. Undergraduate and masters courses.
City University, London
School of Informatics. Comprises: Department of Computing, Department of Information Science, Centre for Software Reliability, Centre for Human-Computer Interface Design, Centre for Measurement and Information in Medicine.
City University, London
Centre for Software Reliability (CSR). Research interests: Software dependability (particularly safety and reliability) modelling; Software fault tolerance; Software metrics and quality assurance; Fundamental issues for safety critical systems.
Computing Science at Newcastle University
Research groups include Biology, Neurosciences and Computing; Dependability; Concurrent Asynchronous Systems; Digital Interaction; Systems (including cyber crime and cloud computing).
Heriot-Watt University
School of Mathematical and Computer Sciences. Departments of Actuarial Mathematics; Computer Science; Mathematics.
Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh
Department of Computer Science. Research areas: Database, Information and Knowledge Based Systems; Dependable Systems; Cognitive Science; Image Systems Engineering; Textures; Intelligent Systems; ULTRA.
Keele University
Computer Science Department. Research groups: Data and Knowledge Engineering ; Geograhical Information Systems; Software Engineering.
Lancaster University
Computing Department. Research interests include: distributed multimedia systems; mobile computing; software systems engineering; interactive systems and natural language processing.
Liverpool John Moores University
School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences. Research groups: Applied artificial intelligence; Distributed multimedia systems and security; Information systems.
Manchester Metropolitan University
Department of Computing and Mathematics. Research groups: CARD - Centre for Agent Research and Development; Distributed systems; Information systems; Intelligent systems; Multimedia.
Middlesex University
School of Computing Science.
Napier University
School of Computing. Research areas: Distributed systems and mobile agents; Evolutionary computation; Edinburgh social informatics; Human-computer interaction; Database and object systems; HCI; ITC.
Northern Ireland Knowledge Engineering Laboratory
Hosted in the Division of Informatics of the University of Ulster. Helps companies in Northern Ireland and beyond gain competitive advantage through the application of advanced software technology.
The Open University
Computing Department. Teaching and research areas: Software technology, software engineering and object-oriented development; Interactive multimedia; Social aspects of computing; Informatics education.
Queen's University, Belfast
School of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Research areas: High performance computing; Software engineering; Image and vision systems; Natural language and speech processing; Engineering and scientific applications.
Sheffield Hallam University
Computing group of Faculty of Arts, Computing, Engineering and Sciences.
University College London
Department of Computer Science.
University of Bath
Department of Computer Science. Research themes: Computational algebra and geometry; HCI; Multimedia computing; Systems software engineering.
University of Birmingham
School of Computer Science. Research in: Theoretical computer science; Applied computer science and software engineering; AI and cognitive science.
University of Brighton
School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics. Research areas include: Visual modelling; Autonomous systems; Computational mathematics; Information management.
University of Bristol
Department of Computer Science. Research projects: Digital media (graphics, computer vision, speech); Cryptography and information security; Languages and architecture; Machine learning; Mobile and wearable computing; Quantum computing; System verification. Collaborative research centres: Safety Systems Research Centre; Advanced Computing Research Centre; Creative Technologies Centre.
University of Durham
Visualisation Research Group.
University of Durham
Department of Engineering and Computing Sciences.
University of Essex
Department of Computing and Electronic Systems. Research areas: Constraint Satisfaction and Optimisation + Computational Finance; Dependable Systems; Essex Robotics; Brain-Computer Interfaces; Intelligent Inhabited Environments; Machine Learning and Intelligent Agents; Natural and Evolutionary Computation (NEC); Natural Language Engineering and Web Applications. Admissions and departmental information for prospective undergraduate, postgraduate and research students.
University of Exeter
Department of Computer Science. Research groups: Pattern analysis and neural networks (PANN); AI and information engineering.
University of Hull
Department of Computer Science. Research groups: Visualization; Simulation and modelling; Neural, emergent and agent technologies; Distributed systems engineering.
University of Kent
Information Systems Security Group.
University of Kent at Canterbury
Computing Laboratory. Research groups include Theoretical computer science, Networks and distributed systems, Software and systems engineering, Information systems, Parallel and scientific computing, and Computers and education research.
University of Leeds
School of Computing. Research groups: Constraint programming and OR; Knowledge representation and reasoning; Multi-disciplinary informatics; Perception and language; Scientific computation and visualisation; Theoretical computer science.
University of Leicester
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. The Computer Science group specializes in Semantics, Formal methods, Software engineering, Complexity theory and Finite model theory.
University of Liverpool
Department of Computer Science. Research groups: Agents; Algorithmics; Logics; Pattern recognition and image analysis (PRImA).
University of London, Birkbeck College
School of Computer Science and Information Systems. Includes history, staff details and course information.
University of London, Goldsmiths' College
Department of Computing. Research areas: Databases, Formal methods, Software testing, Software engineering, Algorithms, Cryptography, AI, Graphics and Natural language processing.
University of London, Queen Mary and Westfield College
Department of Computer Science. Research groups: Information, media and communication; Logic and foundations of programming; Parallel computing; Vision; Risk assessment and decision analysis; Knowledge representation and reasoning; Distributed systems. Host for Hypatia, a directory of research workers in Computer Science and Pure Mathematics and a library of their papers.
University of London, Royal Holloway
Department of Computer Science. Computer learning research centre and Theory of Computing.
University of London, Royal Holloway
Computer Learning Research Centre. Research in: Computer learning; Inductive and transductive inference; Universal prediction; High-dimensional data analysis.
University of Manchester
School of Informatics. Research groups: data and decision engineering, information systems, and interactive systems design.
University of Newcastle upon Tyne
Department of Computing Science: Centre for Software Reliability (CSR).
University of Nottingham
School of Computer Science and Information Technology. Research: Automated scheduling, optimisation and planning; Interactive media; Languages and programming; Recognition, Reasoning and vision; Mixed reality laboratory.
University of Oxford
Computing Laboratory. Main research groups: Programming research; Numerical analysis.
University of Salford
School of Computing, Science and Engineering.
University of Sheffield
Department of Computer Science. Research groups: Verification and testing; Speech and hearing; Natural language processing; Computer graphics; Machine learning; Neurocomputing and robotics.
University of Stirling
Department of Computing Science and Mathematics. Research groups in computing: Applied formal methods; Neural computing; Telecommunications service engineering.
University of Strathclyde
Department of Computer Science. Research groups: Algorithms problems empirical studies; Software engineering; High performance information systems; Advanced use of computers in education; High-level internet programming with persistent objects; High-performance networks.
University of Surrey
Department of Computing. Research groups: Information systems; AI; Distributive and parallel systems; Foundations of computing.
University of Teesside
School of Computing.
University of the West of England, Bristol
Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Mathematical Sciences. Research areas include: Systems design; Medical informatics; Information systems; Community information systems.
University of Wales, Aberystwyth
Department of Computer Science. Research Groups: Computational Biology; Model Based Systems; Intelligent Robotics; Software Engineering; Centre for Intelligent Systems.
University of Wales, Swansea
Computer Science Department. Groups: Theoretical computer science; Computer graphics and visualisation; Scientific computation.
University of Warwick
Department of Computer Science. Courses, seminars and departmental vacancies.
University of Westminster
Centre for Parallel Computing.
University of Wolverhampton
School of Computing and Information Technology. Research groups: ReAL (Research to Assist Learning); SEED (Search Engine Evaluation and Design); Multimedia and Intelligent Systems Technology (MIST); CoNTACT (Communications, Networks, Telematics and Co-operative Technology).
University of York - Department of Computer Science
Research and teaching department. Details of the research programs and taught degrees, news, events and staff information.
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