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Helsinki Institute for Information Technology
A joint research institute of the University of Helsinki and the Helsinki University of Technology. Research focuses on mobile computing, digital media convergence and digital economy.
Helsinki, University of
Department of Computer Science. Research areas include a wide range of topics in general and theoretical computer science, information systems, and computer software.
Jyväskylä, University of
Department of Computer Science and Information Systems. Research areas include information systems design methods and tools, management, assessment, and applications of information systems, document management, electronic trading, knowledge discovery, knowledge-based systems, object orientation, graph theory, educational technology, advanced data management, and mobile multimedia.
Software Business and Engineering Institute
A unit of the Department of Computer Science at Helsinki University of Technology responsible for research and education related to software business and development.
Turku Centre for Computer Science
A research centre in Computer Science for the three universities in Turku. Research groups covers algorithmics, biomathematics, coding theory, computational intelligence for business, information systems, advanced management systems, probabilistic algorithms, software quality, programming methodology, applied artificial intelligence, strategic information systems planning, and mathematical structures in computer science.
Turku, University of
Department of Computer Science. Research groups investigate space efficient algorithms, image compression, management of large textual databases, object tracking, bioinformatics, scheduling algorithms, biomedical signal analysis, parallel machines and algorithms, database management, artificial neural networks, and computer aided analysis of medical images.
University of Kuopio
Department of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics. Research areas: parallel computation, structured documents, software engineering.
Åbo Akademi
Department of Information Technologies. Research areas include programming methodology, probabilistic algorithms, software quality, applied artificial intelligence, and Linux.
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