Computers CAD and CAM Computer Aided Manufacturing
A CAM System produces a GCode program that runs a CNC machine. CNC Equipment comes in many flavors: Horizontal and Vertical Machining Centers (Mills), Two & Fours Axis Lathes, CY Axis Lathes (a mill and lathe in one machine), Routers, two & four axis wire EDM, Screw Machines, Lasers, Plasma Arcs, Punch and Nibble (fabrication equipment) and Water Jets. Then there is the Software to support CAM (getting the program to the machine) DNC - Direct Numerical Control. This software communicates from the computer at the programmer's desktop to the CNC Machine transmitting the program to the Machine that produces the part.

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Advanced Designs, Inc.
Die Designer 2002 software for AutoCAD, as well as related services.
Antech Micro Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Develops and markets CAD/CAM products and training in India, and also offers a newsletter and a list of CAD related jobs.
Applied CIM Technologies
Provides off-the-shelf and custom software for tool management, CAD, CAM, and manufacturing process control.
creates machine ready NC code directly from a solid model, surface model or wireframe geometry creating clearance planes, rapid approaches, calculating feeds and speeds, and estimating machine time.
Austin N.C., Inc.
Offers the G-Post generalized postprocessor software, G-Post interfaces for several CAD/CAM systems, the Intercim APT system, and the AutoPRO/2000 CAM module for AutoCAD.
Provides CAD-CAM CNC software technology for Axis CNC programming for milling, turning, and routing.
Boenigk Electronics
Software for CNC step control, foil cutting, engraving, and the manufacture of prototype printed boards.
Software to automate the generation of NC codes to CNC wire cut, milling, machining, and drilling machines.
CamSoft Corporation
PC-Based CNC controls, CNC control software for upgrades, retrofits, and OEM CNC applications as well as the Advanced System 3000 Multimedia CAD/CAM for Windows.
Dassault Systemes, S.A.
Develops and sells software products for computer aided design, computer aided manufacturing, computer aided engineering and product data management.
Delcam CAD/CAM
Delcam provides cad/cam solutions for 3D machining, toolmaking, 3D designing, modeling, mold making, inspection, reverse engineering.
Delft Spline Systems
use of CAD/CAM software for complex freeformed geometry
A subsidiary of the Dassault Systemes Group providing software to create, monitor and control manufacturing systems [requires JavaScript].
Mastercam resource featuring discussion forums, product information, updates, productivity tools, C-Hooks, post processors, learning resources, and promotional items.
ESI Group
Virtual prototyping software to determine product behaviour in crashes and other situations, as well as manufacturing simulation and optimization tools.
CAM software, CNC machining and G-code programming milling, lathe turning, and wire EDM.
EZCAM Solutions
The EZ-CAM product line includes complete CAD/CAM software solutions for NC programming of Mills, Lathes, EDM and other CNC equipment.
FeatureCAM - Autodesk
Feature-based milling technology, which allows to quickly programme turn and turn-mill tools, reducing machining time.
Gibbs and Associates
Develops and sells CAM and NC programming software for the metalworking industry, including modules for 2 and 3-axis milling, solids modeling, and multi-surface machining.
Golden Software Engineers Pty. Ltd.
GoldMesh CAM software for machining meshes and Gold/Silver Engineer alloying software.
Software for CAD/CAM surface modelling and machining, toolpath generation, and raster to vector conversion for cutting and engraving.
Kentech, Inc.
Software products for milling, turning, and CNC training, as well as machine shop utilities.
Developer of NC simulation and verification technology.
MecSoft Corporation
Developers of VisualMILL and other CAD/CAM software solutions for the CNC Machining industry.
Missler Software Corporation
Makers of the TopSolid CAD software, which serves as the basis for applications for mold and die design, and CAM for mills, mill-turns, Wire EDM, and Sheet Metal.
Moldplus, SA
Developers of Moldplus, a supplementary program for Mastercam and CATREAD/CATWRITE a CATIA/Mastercam file translator utility.
Monumental Computer Applications, Inc.
Monu-Cad Windows CAD system for the design and manufacture of cemetery memorials using the stencil sandblast process.
NFR Partners, Inc.
NFR Partners creates software for CNC related applications.
Intellipost, for unix and Windows and full function alternative to Compact 2.
Hybrid CAD/CAM systems for machining 3D surfaces and solids, 2.5 axis milling, turning, wire edm, profiling, nesting, NC verification and DNC communications.
Open Mind Technologies AG
Develops and sells CAD/CAM solutions. Their hyperMILL CAM software offers a wide range of machining strategies: from 2D, 3D, HSC milling and 5axis simultaneous machining, to mill turning, to special applications such as impellers, blisks, blades, tubes and tyres.
Pathtrace Engineering
CADCAM Software. EdgeCAM CAD/CAM Software is a programming system for milling, turning, and mold and die processes. Integrates with Inventor, Mechanical Desktop, ProE, SolidWorks, SolidEdge and other Parasolid based CAD software.
Wire EDM CAM programming software and support.
R&B Mold & Die Design Solutions
Developers of the MoldWorks, SplitWorks, MoldCreator, and MoldBase software tools for mold and die design with several CAD systems.
R. Janecke and Partners
CADVICE is a set of utilities for the analysis, change, correction, healing, and visualization of CAD/CAM data on the base of IGES and STEP.
Rapid Output Online
PC-based software which produces safe, efficient and customizable G-code for CNC Mills, Lathes and Wire EDM machines.
Manufacturing software for mold, tool, and die processes: WorkNC automatic 3d shop floor programming CAM software; WorkPLAN enterprise resource planning manufacturing management software for custom manufacturers.
CAM software for mills, lathes, wire EDMs, and 2-axis machines.
SimTech S.A.R.L
Supplies software for product and process design such as stamping, flanging, hydroforming, that performs structural analysis as well as design optimization.
Softech, Inc.
Software products for CAD/CAM, tool design, tool path programming, mechanical design, and design data management.
CAD/CAM System for 2.5D milling, 3D milling, turning and wire EDM, with a standalone modeller, or integrated in common CAD systems.
SolutionWare Corporation
Developers of the MazaCAM and Geopath software for G-Code and Mazatrol programming and translation.
Sprut Technology, Inc.
CAD/CAM software developer, offers SprutCAM and NCTuner solutions for 2-4 axis machining.
TCAM Development, Inc.
Developers of the TwinCAD 2D design software and several tools for CAM and NC programming.
Trimeta Software
Windows based real time CNC control supports ISO programming and the HPGL format.
Vero Software
Knowledge driven CAD CAM Software for the mould and die sector based around the industry standard Parasolid kernel.
Vision Numeric
Type3 software for engraving and sculpting of fonts and graphic logos with CNC or laser cut machines [requires flash].
Weber Systems
Developers of UNIX/NT CAD/CAM products that automate the programming of CNC machine tools.

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