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IFDC FileGate Project
Distribution site for SysOp and end user files.
Supports the Internet and Fidonet while embedding Fidonet messages and Internet news and email together with a versatile web-based, online and offline message reading system.
BBS Archives
A resource collection for BBS Sysops.
CNet Amiga Pro BBS
Online store for the CNet software package for Amiga computers.
Door Distribution System
Website for the Fidonet-based Door Distribution System "filebone" (no longer active) and includes a variety of BBS-related software.
Gameport - BBS Software
Offers WorldGroup, software for internet-based BBS's and shareware door games.
Hermes II
Presents this BBS package for Macintosh computers and some external applications along with information on how to develop such applications.
A variant of the Citadel/UX BBS software which was developed specifically to run ISCA BBS in the late 1980s. Includes a telnet link for the BBS, server and client download links and miscellaneous information.
MBSE BBS for Unix
Open-source BBS software for GNU/Linux, FreeBSD and NetBSD.
Synchronet BBS
Open source BBS that works on the DOS, Windows, or OS/2 operating system and supports multiple simultaneous users with hierarchical message and file areas, multi-node chat, and the ever-popular BBS door games.
Open source, cross-platform BBS terminal (i.e. client) program that supports ZModem up/downloads, telnet, RLogin, SSH, RAW, and modem connections.
TeleFinder Internet BBS
MacOS Web Server and BBS with full documentation, ordering and update information for TeleFinder from Spider Island Software.
Offers support and scripts for the unmaintained Virtual Advanced Bulletin Board System. Also hosts a list of boards using this software.
WWIV Bulletin Board System
Open source, cross-platform server application which also allows BBSes to link together. Commodore BBS Programs
Briefly presents the history of BBS servers on Commodore computers and their advantages, and offers a collection of these software for downloading along with individual reviews for each application.
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