FidoNet is an amateur electronic mail network with several decades of thousand of mail nodes world wide. Before Internet access became commonplace, FidoNet probably ranked up there alongside some of the better known commercial on-line services in terms of the number of people who used it. Now, of course, it is adapting to the new technologies and many FidoNet systems are also web servers, news servers, and generally accessible over the Internet in one way or another. FidoNet nodes are often personal computers in somebody's basement; the system operator (sysop) may be a young child or a retired grandfather. Some nodes are networks consisting of dozens of PCs or larger systems, and some are run by governments, fire departments, or large corporations to support the needs of their constituents or customers. A few are actually money making ventures.
All about FidoNet
How to join FidoNet.
A database that is used by Fidonet and Othernets moderators to record information about conferences (echoes) that the networks may carry.
Fidonet Information by the BBS Promotion Team
Resource site about starting a BBS and joining FidoNet with a lot of great links.
Fidonet Net 282
Contains historical fidonet documents, information about fidonet in MN, links to fidonet resources, and a historical analysis of the fidonet nodelist.
A FidoNet Primer
What is Fidonet? How Fidonet works? How to join?
FidoNet Showcase Project by Frank Robbins
FidoNet History, Resources and Support, Software Developer Resources, Tom Jennings.
FidoNet Technical Standards Committee
Contains technical standards, standards proposals and related documents that have been archived and indexed.
Fidonet: Region 46
Explanations from the region co-ordinator.
A collection of open source, OS-independent software for Fidonet including a tosser, a file echo processor and a message editor along with several libraries.
Official Fidonet web-site
The main official web-site of FidoNet with a lot of information.
QFE - Qt FTN Message Editor for Linux
QFE is full-featured FTN message editor for Linux with a graphical interface. It written on C++/Qt and does not depend on either KDE or Gnome. All operations with FIDO message base use fidoconfig and smapi packages from HUSKY project.
Wikipedia : FidoNet
Presents the history of the network and provides information about its organizational, technical and geographical structure.

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