Artificial Intelligence Research Laboratory - Iowa State University
Neural Computing, hybrid systems, cognitive modelling, intelligent agents, distributed intelligence.
Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence
Theory and methodology of neural networks; medical applications; industrial applications; neural network simulation tools; and connectionism and cognitive modeling.
Center for Neural Engineering - University of Southern California
Inter-disciplinary research in engineering, neuroscience and medicine.
Centre for Neural Networks - King's College London
An inter-departmental center at King's College London coordinating research and teaching in neural networks. Part of NEuroNet.
Computation and Neural Systems - Caltech
Studies computations in neural systems, ranging from biological systems, to theoretical models and VLSI applications.
Department of Cognitive and Neural Systems and Center for Adaptive Systems - Boston University
Neural and computational principles underlying human and animal behaviour; computational neuroscience, cognitive science and adaptive systems.
Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit - University College London
Studies neural computational theories of perception and action, with an emphasis on learning. Directed by Geoffrey Hinton.
IEEE Computational Intelligence Society
Brings together the community of scientists and engineers in the field of neural networks and connectionist systems. Includes mission statement, activities, publications and contact information.
Image Processing and Neural Networks Lab at the University of Texas at Arlington
Developing theory, algorithms, and software for neural network regression and classification.
Institut fur Neuroinformatik - Ruhr-Universat Bochum
Research in systems biophysics, theoretical biology and complex systems.
Kawato Dynamic Brain Project - ATR Japan
Mechanisms of human cognition and sensory-motor learning.
Machine Learning and Neural Networks Group. University of Florence, Italy
Learning about sequential and structured data, bioinformatics, document processing, natural language processing, pattern recognition.
Neural Networks Research Centre - Helsinki University of Technology
Research in artificial neural networks, pattern recognition and signal processing.
UC Davis Center for Neuroscience
Group working on coding strategies of the visual system for object recognition and scene analysis.
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