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The 2K BotPrize
Build an AI bot using API for Unreal Tournament 2004 and challenge other bots for prizes.
A* Pathfinding for Beginners
Introduction to the A* path finding algorithm.
AI Game Development
Focused on helping you make great AI (artificial intelligence) for your games and simulations.
AI Wisdom
A database of Artificial Intelligence articles specific to games that appeared in game programming books, magazines, conferences, or on the Internet.
Amit's Thoughts on Path-Finding
Online paper about path-finding, including the A* algorithm and a greedy algorithm. Implementation notes, precalculation, map representations, heuristics, applications.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Computer Games
Companion site for the book "Artificial Intelligence for Computer Games: An Introduction." Includes bibliography, chapter guide, errata, and relevant links.
ASCII Robot Soccer
Unix soccer-like testbed. Source code (C++ with curses and termcap), executable, and screenshots.
Autodesk Kynapse
Game AI middleware for robust 3D pathfinding, team coordination, crowd movement. High-performance optimization. Used in more than 100 titles.
CGF-AI Links to Game AI and Tactical AI Resources
A number of annotated links referring to tactical AI (for games, military simulations, or academic applications) and general game AI.
Checkers program written by Jonathan Schaeffer et al.; play online. Publications, endgame database statistics, game records.
A comparison of high-level approaches for speeding up pathfinding in video games
Description and analysis of several approaches is given with the postmortem example of usage in video game Dragon Age: Origins. [PDF]
Dynamic Stochastic Control - A New Approach To Game Tree Searching
Robin Upton's Ph.D. thesis uses this branch of probability theory to generalize conspiracy numbers, developing the search method known as PCN*, conspiracy probabilities.
Their goal is to develop a generic architecture for autonomously operating agents, like computer-guided characters/mobiles/items, within a complex computer-game environment.
Game Semantics or Linear Logic?
A discussion of how linear logic relates to computability logic, - the game-semantically introduced logic of computational resources and interactive computation.
A treasure-hunt game in a 3D world. Its purpose is to connect AI researchers with game players willing to provide feedback about the current state of the art.
The Gomoku artificial intelligence programming tournament, which takes place every year. Download Gomoku programs. Instructions on how to write your own Gomoku artificial intelligence.
Heuristic Goal-seeking Framework
A JAVA framework that implements heuristic goal-seeking algorithms. Using this framework will allow developers to focus on a specific domain of interest, while leaving many of the AI concepts and goal-searching concepts to be implemented by the framework.
IEEE Conference on Computational Intelligence and Games
The Computational Intelligence and Games (CIG) Conference series brings together leading researchers and practitioners from academia and industry to discuss recent advances and explore future directions in the field.
Path engine for Java, consisting of an extensible set of tools for collecting pathfind data and finding and executing paths.
Machine Learning in Games
Review of research and implementations in Backgammon, Othello, soccer, and other games.
Starcraft AI Competition
Build an AI bot using special API for "Starcraft: Brood War" and challenge other bots for prizes.
Steering Behaviors
Description of techniques to autonomously steer vehicles through a predefined virtual world. Simple behaviors (e.g. obstacle avoidance) can be combined to create more complex behaviors.
Steering Behaviors For Autonomous Characters
Description of simple techniques for controlling goal-directed motion of simulated characters around their world, for applications in games and animation. Includes Java demos and related links.
Three States and a Plan: The A.I. of F. E. A. R.
The author of this white paper is Jeff Orkin - creator of the revolutionary AI for F. E. A. R. In his article Jeff uncovered how to make hard math work for you with very detailed description of Goal Oriented Hierarchical Planner. [PDF]
University of Alberta GAMES Group
Produces high-performance, real-time programs for strategic game-playing. They have branched out into commercial games and applications of research to industrial problems.
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