Information on software agents research.
AAMAS/AOC Research group at HKBU
Autonomous agent and multi-agent systems and autonomy oriented computation research group at Hong Kong Baptist University
An Agent-Based Environment for Integrating and Analyzing Plant Genomic Databases
Agents for ontology assisted data integration and data mining from distributed, heterogeneous plant genomic databases.
Agents as artists
Project focused on techniques for synthesizing faces that enhance user interaction.
Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Institute - Intelligent Software Agents
Projects address the infrastructure issues of multi-agent systems, including agent communication, interoperability, and security.
Collective Agent-Based Systems research at Technical University of Delft
Research project on agent multi-agent coordination and planning.
Computational Intelligence, Learning, & Discovery at Iowa State University
Interdisciplinary research on intelligent agents, multiagent systems, ontologies, information integration, learning, web services, semantic web, and applications.
Coordination and Control of Multi-Agent Systems
Multi-agent organizations, coordination and control structures and mechanisms.
Distributed Knowledge Networks
Multi-agent systems for information retrieval, extraction, fusion, and data-driven knowledge acquisition and decision support using heterogeneous, distributed, autonomous data and knowledge sources.
IMPACT: Interactive Maryland Platform
A Multi-agent platform developed at University of Maryland.
Incremental Learning from Distributed Dynamic Data Sources
Multi-agent systems for incremental data-driven knowledge acquisition from distributed data sources.
Information Retrieval, Extraction, and Fusion from Heterogeneous, Distributed Data Sources
Ontology assisted agent systems for information retrieval, extraction, and assimilation from semantically heterogeneous, distributed data and knowledge sources.
Multi-Agent Systems for Integrated Host and Network Based Intrusion Detection
Collaborative agents for intrusion detection and countermeasures in networked computing systems.
NIAD&R - Distributed Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Group
AI and Intelligent Robotics group at the University of Porto.
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