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This category is for sites that give information about academic departments, academic research groups, or any other type of academic unit (not industry, not commercial) that is actively involved in working with artificial intelligence.

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Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Computational Research with a particular focus on Intelligent Assistive, Educational, Language and Robotic Technologies
Brandeis University - Dynamic and Evolutionary Machine Organization Laboratory
Research on dynamical systems approach to cognitive modeling and evolutionary approaches to developing intelligent systems.
Carnegie Mellon University - Machine Learning Group
Information on research, projects, and publications related to Machine Learning.
Delft University - Man-Machine Interfaces Research Group
Artificial Intelligence research with emphasis on human-computer interaction.
Department of Artificial Inteligence at Vrije University Amsterdam
Research in agent systems, computational intelligence and knowledge representation and reasoning
Free University of Brussels - AI Laboratory
Research and publications related to artificial intelligence.
The German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence GmbH
Nonprofit research institute in the artificial-intelligence field. Includes information, news, and research.
Hong Kong Baptist University - Artificial Intelligence Group
Research on autonomous multi-agent systems and autonomy oriented computation systems.
Iowa State University - Artificial Intelligence Research Laboratory
Information on research, publications, and courses on artificial intelligence, machine learning, neural networks, information integration, probabilistic graphical models, bioinformatics, and Semantic Web.
Iowa State University - Center for Computational Intelligence, Learning, & Discovery
Interdisciplinary program of research and education in artificial intelligence, machine learning, information integration, semantic web, bioinformatics and cognitive science.
Kansas State University - Laboratory for Knowledge Discovery in Databases
Research on applied artificial intelligence and knowledge-based software engineering for decision support systems.
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology - Web Science and Knowledge Management
Research on semantic web, knowledge management, eLearning, ontologies and metadata, text and web mining.
MIT - Artificial Intelligence Lab
Aiming to understand the nature of intelligence, to engineer systems that exhibit such intelligence by utilising vision, language, an in particular robotics.
NASA Ames Research in Computational Sciences
NASA's largest AI research division. Specializes in robotics, autonomous reasoning, machine learning, automatic programming, and novel human/machine interfaces and interactions.
National Technical University of Athens - Intelligent Systems Laboratory
Information on research, development and education in computational intelligence for pattern recognition and machine learning.
Northwestern University -Qualitative reasoning group
Explores the nature of common sense reasoning including qualitative modeling of physical phenomena, analogical reasoning and learning, and creating educational software for science and engineering.
Pennsylvania State University: Artificial Intelligence Research Laboratory
Research, publications, and courses on artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data analytics, data mining, neural networks, information integration, bioinformatics, health informatics, and semantic web.
Stanford University: The Stanford Logic Group
Information about current research and publications related to logical approaches to knowledge representation and inference in artificial intelligence.
SUNY Buffalo - SNePS Research Group
Semantic networks research in knowledge representation, linguistics, and cognitive modeling.
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology - Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Research in constraint satisfaction, model-based reasoning, case-based reasoning, intelligent agents, and natural language processing.
Technical University Clausthal - Computational Intelligence Group
Research group focused on various aspects of artificial/computational intelligence, machine learning/pattern recognition and theoretical computer science.
Thomas Bata Univertisty in Zlin - Department of Informatics and Artificial Inteligence
Research and development in the areas of evolutionary computer science and automatic control methods.
Univ. of Alberta Artificial Intelligence Research Group
Research topics: search, representation and reasoning, learning, cognitive agents.
Univ. of Toronto AI Research Group
The Artificial Intelligence group works in the primary subareas of the field -- computational linguistics, knowledge representation and reasoning, and computer vision -- and also in additional subareas such as intelligent information systems and neural networks.
University of Alberta - Biological Computation Project
Research on artificial neural networks, and cognitive science.
University of Barcelona - Artificial Intelligence Research Institute
Information on research in Learning Systems, Intelligent Agents, Logical Reasoning and Search, Electronic Markets, Autonomous Robots, and AI applications in Music.
University of Basel - Artificial Intelligence Research Group
Research on combinatorial search and optimization problems, with a particular focus on the area of automated planning.
University of Calgary - Artificial Intelligence Research Laboratory
Research on evolutionary computing, knowledge-based search, multi-agent systems, and emergent computing.
University of California at Berkeley - Intelligent Systems Group
AI group at the University of California-Berkeley which focuses on an integrated interdisciplinary approach to intelligent systems.
University of California at San Diego - Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Research and courses in artificial intelligence, machine learning, information retrieval, and related areas.
University of Dortmund - Artificial Intelligence Group
Information on research areas, software available, and industrial partners.
University of Edinburgh - Artificial Intelligence Applications Institute
Information about the group, its people, technologies, publications, events, clients, projects, employment opportunities.
University of Edinburgh - Institute for Adaptive and Neural Computation
Theoretical and empirical study of brain processes and artificial learning systems.
University of Georgia - Artificial Intelligence Center
Research on logic programming, expert systems, neural nets, genetic algorithms, and natural language processing.
University of Hamburg -Cognitive Systems Group
Information on cognitive systems research.
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - Cognitive Computation Group
Research on theories of intelligent behavior and learning, and on the development of intelligent systems
University of Ljubljana - Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Research in machine learning, inductive logic programming, neural networks, and AI applications in system control, and qualitative reasoning.
University of Memphis - Institute for Intelligent Systems
Information research and courses on artificial intelligence.
University of Memphis - Institute for Intelligent Systems
Multidisciplinary research and projects on intelligent systems.
University of Pittsburgh - Intelligent Systems Program
Interdisciplinary education and research in artificial intelligence and cognitive science.
University of Sannio - Computational Intelligence in Software Engineering
Research focused on artificial intelligence applications in software engineering.
University of Southern California - Robotics Research Laboratory
Research and publications related to robotics.
University of Waterloo Logic Programming and AI Group
Research in natural language processing, knowledge representation, machine translation, probabilistic reasoning, and planning.
University of Zurich - AI Lab
Information on research, projects, publications, and courses on artificial intelligence.
Vrije Universiteit Brussels - Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Research on evolution of language, software agents, robotic agents.

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