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Abel, Jürgen
Lossless data compression based on the Burrows-Wheeler Transformation (BWT), medical image processing, consultant for project management.
Adler, Mark
Works at JPL. Information-ZIP, gzip, zlib, and PNG.
Battilana, Michael C.
Text compression, Lempel-Ziv coding, author of "The GIF Controversy: A Software Developer's Perspective".
Bell, Timothy C.
Author of "Managing Gigabytes." CS department head at the University of Canterbury.
Chen, Tsuhan
Audio-visual interaction and collaboration, video coding and multimedia communication.
Delp, Edward J.
Image Processing, Computer Vision, and Communication Theory. Professor at Purdue.
Effros, Michelle
Professor of Electrical Engineering at Caltech. Communications, compression, information theory, image processing.
Florencio, Dinei
Perfect Reconstruction Non-Linear Filter Banks, the Motion Transform. Formerly a student at Georgia Tech.
Fowler, James E.
Assistant professor at Mississippi State. Image and video processing and coding.
Frey, Brendan J.
Assistant Professor at the University of Waterloo. Source coding, computer vision, and interative decoding.
Gailly, Jean-loup
Author of gzip, zlib, coauthor of "The Data Compression Book. "
Gilchrist, Jeff
Author of the Archive Comparison Test (data compression benchmarks) and researcher in the area of cryptography and distributed computing.
Gray, Robert M.
Vector quantization for signal compression and classification.
Jégou, Hervé
IRISA, Rennes. Robust source coding, joint source/channel codes. Publications, resources, teaching.
Kieffer, John
Universal algorithms, multiresolution methods, wavelets and fractals, rate-distortion theory, and quantizer theory.
Moffat, Alistair
University of Melbourne. Interests include text, image, and index compression.
Moulin, Pierre
Image and video processing. Assistant Professor of ECE at UIUC.
Nelson, Mark
Coauthor of "The Data Compression Book." Addisoft Consulting, Inc.
Nosratinia, Aria
Joint Source-channel coding, image and video processing. Assistant professor at University of Texas at Dallas.
Ortega, Antonio
Digital Image and Video Communication Systems, Adaptive and Multiresolution Compression Techniques, and Joint Source-Channel Coding For Transmission Over Broadcast Channels and Packet Networks. Assistant Professor at USC.
Pearlman, William A.
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY. Research interests and publications.
Simoncelli, Eero
Computer vision, image processing, motion, and compression.
Storer, Jim
The Data Compression Conference.
Strutz, Tilo
Hochschule für Telekommunikation, Leipzig, (University of Applied Sciences). Field: Information and Coding Theory. Research interests: Data compression, image coding, signal processing. Textbook on Image Data Compression.
Verdu, Sergio
Rate-distortion theory, source coding. Professor at Princeton.
Vinokur, Alex
Huffman Coding (including n-ary Huffman Template Algorithm). At Tadiran Scopus.
Vitter, Jeff
Chair of CS department at Duke. Interests include dynamic Huffman codes, arithmetic coding, lossless image compression, and motion compensation for video coding.
Williams, Ross N.
Variations on Lempen Ziv coding.
Witten, Ian H.
Coauthor of "Managing Gigabytes." Professor of CS at the University of Waikato.
Zakhor, Avideh
Professor at Berkeley. Image and video compression.
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