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Diamond Traffic Products
Traffic-counting products and surveillance systems.
Manufacturer of inductive preformed loop detectors for roadway applications.
Eberle Design Inc. (EDI)
Manufactures traffic signal control products including conflict monitors, detectors, and load switches.
Econolite Control Products, Inc.
Manufactures traffic control equipment, from mechanical components to digital electronics and traffic systems.
EIS Electronic Integrated Systems Inc
Manufacturers of the RTMS radar an all-weather traffic sensor which detects presence and measures traffic parameters in multiple independent lanes.
Excel Technology Group
Manufactures traffic and public transport management technology.
Fortran Traffic Supplies
Transportation solutions including computerized traffic control systems, freeway traffic management systems, and intersection control equipment.
General Highway Products, Inc.
Supplier and distributor of traffic transportation systems, traffic equipment and highway lighting.
Golden River Traffic
Creator of traffic instrumentation and traffic counting technology.
Icoms Communications
Develops and manufactures microwave pedestrian and vehicle detectors and vehicle counting, classification and speed measurement devices for intelligent traffic management systems. Belgium.
Image Sensing Systems, Inc.
Develops and markets video image processing products for use in advanced traffic management systems and for traffic data collection.
Portable and permanent Vehicle Classifiers, Road Traffic Counters, and Windows-based analysis and reporting software. Statistics available include vehicle speed, classification, direction, flow volumes and density.
Peek Traffic Inc.
Devices for loop detection and ADR counter/classifiers. Red light enforcement, and tolling for traffic enforcement and problem solving.
Professional Traffic Graphics
Create highway and roadway traffic related diagrams based on the MUTCD. Draw traffic control plans, accident sites, safety training pictures.
RTC Manufacturing, Inc.
Designs, manufactures, and distributes products that provide specific solutions for traffic signal and industrial application.
Traffic Display Monitoring
Offering radar trailers to self police the roadways to make them safer especially in school zones and road construction areas as well as high traffic and dangerous road areas.
TranSmart Technologies, Inc.
Customized, route-specific, and point-to-point real-time traffic information.
Vaisala: Road Solutions
Developer, manufacturer and installer of Highway Advisory Radio stations (stationary, mobile, solar-powered, and computer-controlled) throughout the United States.
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