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Abee DiveCorp
India based firm offering underwater repair and maintenance services. Find descriptions of projects, information on human resources, contacts, and company history.
All-Sea Enterprises Ltd.
Offers stern seal repair, wet welding and stabilizer inspection services in North Vancouver, British Columbia. Discover mission statement, history, contacts, and quicktime videos.
Allen Marine Services, Inc.
Construction and emergency response company based out of Orchard Park, New York. Offers profile, description of services, information on projects, and news.
American Inshore Divers Corporation
Firm specializing in underwater construction, maintenance and repair. Features company profile, service overview, and list of past projects. Boca Raton, Florida, and Liverpool, Texas.
Apex Divers Ltd.
Commercial diving contractor based in Weymouth, UK. Qualified HSE dive teams with a vast experience of all types of marine and underwater work.
ASI Group Ltd.
Offers wastewater and subsea engineering. Features company profile and news, products and service catalog, and downloadable brochures. St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada.
Borneo Subsea Services (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.
Offers inspection, cleaning, repair, salvage and trenching. Features company and service profiles, and accreditations. Labuan, Malaysia.
C & C Technologies
Offers surveying and mapping using AUVs. Features company news and profile, product and service catalog, and environmental training. Lafayette, Louisiana.
C&W Diving Services, Inc.
Offers marine engineering, ship repair and dive support. Features company news, service profile, and a powerpoint presentation brochure. Based in California.
Catfish Diving & Salvage Company
Offers dived cleaning, repair, salvage, pipeline and cable installations. Features service profiles and company decal merchandise. Belhaven, North Carolina.
Coastal Diving Services L.L.C.
Offers construction, welding, hull cleaning, and video inspection services. Offers contacts and company profile.
Commercial Diving Directory
Listing of diving companies, equipment suppliers, training facilities and governing bodies worldwide.
Connors Diving Services Limited
Offers marine construction, salvage, inspections, and surveys. Features company news, service profiles, and a list of clients. Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.
Del Rey Divers Inc.
Offers hull inspections and moored vessel bottom cleaning. Features company and service profiles. Oxnard, California.
Broussard, Louisiana, USA contractor offering subsea services to offshore industries. Features company profile, media information, and job opportunities.
Dera Diving
East Kalimantan, Indonesia firm offering commercial dive and inspection. Features core competencies, references, and contact information.
Dive Commercial International
Seattle based supplier of commercial diving equipment.
Dominion Divers Ltd.
Specialists in inland diving operations in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Ontario, Canada. Underwater construction and repair, dredging, maintenance of municipal water and sewage treatment facilities.
Dominion Diving Limited
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada firm offering marine and ROV services for gas and oil, surveying, and recovery. Features profile, media coverage, product and service overview, and list of clients.
EPIC Divers & Marine
Offers dive, inspection, construction, and salvage with facilities in New Orleans, Louisiana and Houston, Texas, USA. Features company news and service profiles, picture gallery, and glossary of terms.
FastBottoms Hull Diving
Offers dived hull and propeller inspections, and cleaning in San Francisco, California, USA. Features rates/surface area, testimonials, and equipment for sale.
Foreshore Technologies Incorporated
Offers search and recovery vehicles for hire, structural inspections and environmental services. Features service and company profile, product specifications, and picture gallery. North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
Fred Devine Diving and Salvage Company
Services include surveys, inspections, heavy marine salvage, wreck removal, dredging, and environmental pumping. Features company profile, contacts, descriptions of current and past projects.
Freelance Commercial Divers
Professional diving working in low visibility, high current, and/or unsanitary conditions.
Global Marine Systems Limited
Provides submarine cable laying and maintenance with facilities in Essex, England, UK, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA, and Singapore. Features company profile and service competencies, and news.
Harbor Offshore Inc.
Ventura, California, US firm offering marine construction, engineering, survey, and salvage. Features company and service profile and news.
Hydrex Underwater Technology
Working in the field of underwater services and repairs for almost 30 years, Hydrex has developed an expertise in this field offering a wide range of solutions to problems.
Inland Divers Underwater Service
Dive contractor in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada offering inspection, cleaning, salvage, and dredging. Features service overview and picture gallery.
Innerspace Exploration Team
Specializing in underwater sidescan sonar surveys, deep water diving, underwater video and still photography, magnetometers and remote operated vehicles. Innerspace is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
Odyssey Marine Exploration
Specialists in shipwreck search, recovery, and marketing.
Pioneer Mooring Service
Dartmouth, Maine certified inspector offering installation services mushroom and dead weight moorings. Features company and dive profiles.
Sea Sub Systems
Provides hull maintenance, inspections and vessel husbandry in Tampa and St. Petersburg, Florida. Includes firm profile, contacts, description of services offered, and photo gallery.
Seatech Commercial Diving Services Ltd.
Offers engineering, maintenance equipment, and dive support to marinas in Hampshire, England, UK. Features service overview and contact information.
SeaVision Marine Services LLC
Naugatuck, Connecticut, USA firm offering subsea inspections, harbor and waterfront management, and salvage. Features company and service profiles, and a sampling of project experiences.
South Coast Diving Ltd.
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada firm offering marine inspections, surveys, welding, and video. Features company and service profiles, certifications, and a sampling for previous projects.
Sub Aqua Diving Services
UK based(Middlesborough) commercial diving, civil engineering and diving consultants.
Subnet Services Ltd.
Offers ROV rentals and consulting services in Norwich, England, UK. Features product and service overview, and personnel procurement.
Triton Diving Services Ltd.
Offers marine engineering, repair, cleaning, and inspection in Naxxar, Malta. Features service overview, certifications, and partners.
The Underwater Maintenance Company
Specialists in underwater ship maintenance; surveys, repairs, hull cleaning and propeller polishing carried out for naval and commercial clients worldwide.
Underwater Services International
Firm provides video inspection, hull cleaning, cofferdam installation and repairs. Find photographs, information on equipment, and company profile.
Underwater Shipcare Pte Ltd
Offers hull inspection and cleaning services in Singapore.
The Water Services Group Limited
Middlesex, England, UK firm offering dive inspections, subsea construction and ROVs. Features company and service profiles, and downloadable media.
Waters Marine Pty. Ltd.
Offers cleaning, inspections services, and support in subsea movies, commercials, and documentaries. Features company profile, competencies, and production experience. Sydney, New South Wales.
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