The Distribution-industry specific software area covers software companies and products of interest to distributors and wholesalers. Types of software found under this category include inventory management, order entry, warehouse management, electronic data interchange (EDI), and the emerging area of electronic commerce and XML and BizTalk. The reason for distribution being a separate from general business or enterprise resource management (ERP) is that the distributor occupies a distinct place in, what is called, the extended supply chain, that reaches from manufacturer to the end-customer. Some business trends attempt to remove the distributor from the supply chain (a process called disintermediation). A distributor's choice of business management software is critical in streamlining business processes, increasing profitability, reducing transaction costs, enhancing customer service, maximizing inventory investment, and remaining competitive and a valuable contributor in the supply chain.

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3SYS Inc.
Business software for food distribution company and integrated management solutions.
ADi Data International Inc.
Online and Windows based shipping software and solutions for shippers, freight carriers and 3PLs.
ADS Solutions
ERP distribution software for wholesaling businesses, provides integrated inventory management, sales analysis, purchasing, accounting, order entry, and e-commerce for distributors.
Advanced Distribution Solutions, Inc.
A provider of logistics solutions for distribution centers. The Ship-IT software is a multi-carrier shipping solution for domestic and international parcels, LTL and TL.
AFS Technologies, Inc
Business software systems for wholesale food and food service distributors, importers, and processors. Information on products, news and support.
Apprise Software, Inc.
Financial and operational software for consumer goods distributors that addresses importing through meeting compliance requirements of mass merchant/retail customers.
Argos Software
Distribution and logistics software with specialties including four level tracking, barcoding and hand held enabled software.
Atlas Wares Co.
WARES public warehouse management system and EDI*Atlas.
Axiom Software Ltd.
Windows software designed for electronic and electrical parts distributors.
BCP Software
Provides supply chain, warehouse management and logistics software for the wholesale and retail food distribution industry.
BCR Software
Distribution software provider offering warehouse and inventory management, job tracking, eCommerce, and POS systems.
BSW Consulting
Guide and evaluation tools of leading wholesale distribution software. Includes information on distribution associations and industry information.
Cadre Technologies
Automated solutions for warehousing, transportation, and logistics.
Cambar Software
Distribution systems for high-volume distributors, manufacturers, and third-party logistics companies.
Catalog Builder Software
Allows wholesale distributors to create and manage catalogs and price sheets without graphic design or programming.
Chess Logistics Technology, Ltd.
Supplier of Empirica warehouse management software in the UK. Radio management software and realtime management systems.
Computerized Inventory Systems Specialists
Inventory control, purchasing and asset management systems, Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States.
Cristal Solutions Pte Ltd
Developer of a suite of software suites designed to automate warehouse and logistics operations.
DDI System
Enterprise distribution management (EDM) software solution complete with CRM, E-commerce and mobile functionality. ERP designed for hard goods, industrial, jansan, paper, packaging, PHCP, HVAC, electrical distributors and lighting showrooms.
DeFacto Software
ERP solutions offering integrated accounting, logistics, production, CRM and costing solutions. Ipswich, Suffolk, UK.
Descore Inc.
Niche distributor of computer software to Canadian ISV's and VAR's.
Distribution One
Provider of software applications to help efficiently run a distributor's business.
DMSi Software
Accounting and business management software for millwork, lumber and building material distributors. Includes product and industry information, news and contact information.
DPS International
Global fleet scheduling, tracking and route planning software including web based systems. Designed for integration into other applications.
EDI Support Inc.
Providing EDI, UPC, e-commerce and warehouse management software to retailers and vendors.
Food Decision Software Inc.
Food distribution and manufacturing software providing integrated order entry, inventory management, pricing control, sales analysis, and accounting.
Food distribution software for the food industry.
FootWorks Information System
Distribution software for footwear and apparel companies including EDI, warehouse automation, and sourcing.
Harvey Software, Inc.
Parcel software for UPS, FedEx, and USPS.
HighJump Software Inc.
Offers software packages for supply chain management. Company, product, support and contact information.
HotStatus Enterprises
Application services provider (ASP) offering warehouse management utilizing hand held devices.
Supply chain management software for distribution, manufacturing, warehouse management, and financial.
Innovative Systems Pty Ltd
ISTHMUS logistics software, particularly suitable for contract warehousing and distribution companies.
Intera Systems
Provider of distribution & supply chain management software for numerous manufacturing industries.
Provider of distribution software primarily for fastener distributors.
JDH Warehouse Management Systems
Warehouse management systems for IBM's AS/400 series and Windows NT.
JustEnough Software
Software for inventory optimization and demand planning designed for organizations in the retail and distribution sectors.
Kimzey Software Solutions
MetalTrax is a complete inventory control, accounting, and sales system for metal distributors.
Maintenance Parts Bin
Maintenance inventory software used for tracking parts, including computer and automobile.
Mincron Software Systems
Software for the wholesale distribution industry and warehouse logistics.
Minerva Associates. Inc.
Warehouse management system with directed management of operators, control of automated equipment and inventory tracking.
Minidata, Ltd.
Provides distribution center scheduling software including routing, batching, manpower planning and dock management. Located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.
NECS, Inc.
Client/server food distribution systems including remote order entry and internet access for customers.
Numeric Computer Systems Inc.
Provides route and distribution management systems automating back office functions for mobile sales delivery businesses.
OrderHawk Software
Information on online order entry system for foodservice companies.
Pacejet Logistics
Web-native/MS.NET logistics resource management software for shipping with truckload-parcel-fleet, warehouse management and distribution. Integrates with your ERP.
PITAN - Prime Information Technology and Networks
Logistics management systems cover warehouse management, 3pl multi-client contract distribution and freight management for businesses across Australia and New Zealand.
Practical Compliance Solutions (PCS)
Provides vics bill of lading solutions that enable you to become compliant, quickly and easily.
Prism Visual Software, Inc.
Route management solution for product delivery, route sales, pre-order with fully integrated accounting. Offer wireless capability add-on.
QC Software
Provides a full complement of services to companies big and small, including design, programming, and implementation.
RT Systems
Real time warehouse management system
Rutherford and Associates - eoStar
Wholesale distribution management software integrating back-office operations with mobile sales and delivery solutions.
SCS Automation
Offers public warehousing software, pallet tracking software and barcode systems to order fulfillment companies.
SkuFlow Inventory Systems
Wireless inventory control system.
Smart Warehouse Systems Limited
Windows based warehouse management software,
Software Concept
Fully integrated software solution for distribution and e-commerce for the IBM iSeries 400.
Solid Innovation
Software to manage route sales, delivery, and settlement through wireless invoicing, mobile inventory control, and integrated accounting systems.
Solutions Analysis Pty. Ltd.
Provides distribution and manufacturing systems for AS/400 and via ASP, Australia.
SpanPro Solutions
Interactive Inventory, web-based warehousing system for management of ordering, tracking, and receiving.
Sterland Computing
Providers of Prostix Software, an ERP system for the building supplies industry.
Warehouse management software from PulseStar.
Provides warehouse management and logistics systems, Berlin, Germany.
Streamware Corporation
Management software for route service including vending, and direct store delivery markets. Includes product, support and contact information.
Target Data Systems, Inc.
Integrated system for food service distribution. Includes barcoding, warehouse management and Internet order entry.
Technology Group International
Developer of software for distribution and manufacturing industries. Software products include ERP, SCM, MRP, WMS, e-commerce, decision support, and business intelligence.
Tribute Software
Enterprise-wide distribution management software for industrial distributors.
Turille and Associates
Beverage distribution system written in RPG/400.
Validata Computer & Research Corporation
Develops route management and accountability software for the vending, office coffee service, direct store delivery industries.
VARGO Companies
Provider of WCS/WMS and machine control solutions for distribution center applications.
Vermont Information Processing
Complete software package for beverage wholesalers.
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