Advance Freight
Freight bill auditing and payment services.
Bullock & Associates
Specializing in freight audit, payment, and transportation management information services. Located at Ripley, MS, USA
Business Logistics
Consulting services in freight transportation management. Firm located in San Francisco, California.
Capital Transportation Logistics
Reducing transportation costs and improving productivity.
Cargo Tek
Cargo consultants, control of oil and bulk cargoes, tanker vetting, and training.
Cogistics, Inc.
Providing freight bill audit, rating and payment services.
CT Logistics
Freight payment providers, freight payment auditors, freight rating software.
D&S Transportation, Inc.
Freight transportation consultants located in Boston, MA, United States.
Diamond Management Group, Inc.
Offering freight, shipping and transportation savings programs as well as business consulting and courier services.
Distribution Data Incorporated
Logistics, freight payment, auditing and reporting.
Franklin Traffic Service Inc.
Freight bill audit and freight traffic management consultants.
ICC Logistics
Freight payment, freight auditing, consulting, and information management services.
JD Goodrich and Associates, Inc.
Customs compliance advisors focussing on helping clients adopt efficient and compliant import and export processes.
KLS Logistics Services
Freight rating and payment, railcar and truck fleet management, supply chain consulting and services.
Labyrinth solutions in transport
Logistics Consultancy specialising in the transport sector of the supply chain. Use the DiPS computer distribution model.
LJS Logistics Service
Freight bill audit and traffic management service.
Logistics Development Services Inc.
A full service transportation management consulting company specializing in the movement of freight.
Optimize usage of freight service providers, and the implementation of import/export programs.
Princeton Profit Associates
Helps companies save shipping cost by providing services of analyzing and auditing their freight invoices.
Profit Or Savings Enterprise
Out-source organization via their combined freight purchasing power, group-buying leverage and technical "on-call" expertise.
Sapperstein Logistics
Freight bill audit and freight bill payment services.
Spectrum Transportation Consultants, Inc.
Providing freight rate negotiations, routings, freight bill audit and payment, and EDI services.
Small package detail transaction audits, POD's, loss claims, guaranteed claims, reporting and information management
Virtual Transportation Management
Third-party transportation information services, including accounting, audit, payment and electronic data interchange.
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