This category is for websites on products used in airports, such as lighting, passenger ticket and data management, safety, and security, among others.

Websites submitted here must be airport product related and in English. Bilingual sites are acceptable however sites only in other languages should be submitted to the appropriate World subcategory.

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ADB Airfield Solutions
Provides airfield lighting control systems and products, spares, and maintenance. Company profile, product range, and contact details for sales offices worldwide.
Airport Information Systems
Supplier of airport software including flight information display systems, airport billing and accounting systems, and ATC Systems.
Airport Lighting Specialists
Suppliers of airport and air route lighting for airport runways, taxiways, approaches, and for the marking of obstacles in air space. Based in Victoria, Australia.
Aradyne Industries Inc.
Manufactures quality, wind tunnel tested windsocks and frames for commercial use.
ATG Airports Ltd
Manufacture, installation, and maintenance of air/ground lighting and airbridges. [Requires Flash]
Avaids Technovators
Manufacturer and supplier of aviation warning lights.
Supplier of jet-blast protection fences. Company profile, product information, and contact details. Located at Troisdorf, Germany.
BlastWall Inc.
Manufacture an all-fiberglass blast fence to withstand a jet takeoff blast and remain invisible to radar and radio transmissions. Includes features, physical properties, and articles.
Carmanah Technologies Inc.
Maker of solar powered LED lights for airfield and hazard lighting applications, including taxiway, runway, apron, helipad and barricade lighting. Used by USAF, US Army and airports worldwide.
CBA Lighting & Controls, Inc.
Suppliers of airfield lighting equipment and accessories. Company profile, product range, and contact details, Windsor Locks, Connecticut.
Common Use Self Service
German based maker of airport ticket check-in machines, according to the IATA Common Use Self Service standard.
Maker of devices for use on runway lights and signs to eliminate vegetation, and small aircraft tie-down hooks.
Flight Light, Inc.
Manufacturer and distributor of FAA approved airport lighting products. Based in Sacramento, California.
Holland Aviation
Manufacturer of windsocks for airports and heliports, obstruction lights and heliport lighting
Honeywell Airport Systems
Manufactures and engineers airfield and obstruction lighting, satellite landing systems, vehicle tracking systems and visual docking guidance systems.
Supplier of internet based airport flight information display systems. Company profile, services available, FAQs, and contact details. Located at Thunder Bay, Ontario.
Industrial Television Services, Inc.
Maker of flight information display systems.
Multi Electric Manufacturing Mfg. Inc.
Manufacturer and engineer of airfield lighting including: threashold, approach, runway, REIL, MALSR, ALSF, PAPI, emergency lighting, and taxiways.
Offers airport automation software for communications, scheduling, RT operations, resource management, billing, cargo, statistics and quality assessment. Based in Italy.
Italian company that manufactures airport lighting products.
QuinTech Engineering Innovations
Baggage handling systems. Company profile, product range, and contact details. Located in the Netherlands.
Standard Signs, Inc.
Maker of FAA approved LumaCurve airfield taxiway and runway signs, used in over 1,000 airports worldwide.
Strobe Approach Lighting Technology
Manufacturer and supplier of products for use as runway approach lights. Company profile, product information, and contact details. Located at Nashua, New Hampshire.
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