This category lists companies involved in the manufacture and trade in textile and nonwoven wastes for recycling purposes.
Affordable Wipers
USA. Manufacturers and distributors of industrial wiping cloth from white and dyed woven and knitted textile wastes and seconds. On-line pruchasing feature.
Provides recycling of used clothes and shoes for worldwide markets.
American Textile & Supply, Inc
USA. Textile recyclers and suppliers of oil absorbents, spill response and environmental containment products. Textile, paper and nonwoven based wiping and cleaning rags and towels. Detailed product catalogs.
Anke Schrader GmbH
Germany. Manufacturers of washed and disinfected, white and colored cotton wipers, from used clothing articles. Also, international traders in used clothing and shoes. Multi-lingual site.
Bro-Tex, Inc.
Recycles textile waste into wipers for industrial and automotive use.
Copnick Corp
Canada. Manufacturers of wiping cloths manufactured from new and recycled textile materials. Detailed product catalog. Technical information, FAQ and glossary of terms. English and French.
Deniz Tekstil Group
Turkey. Group of companies, specialised in the processing of white and colored cotton clips, shoddy and pulled cotton. Also, white and dyed yarns from recycled cotton. English, Turkish and Spanish.
Dundra Textile
Turkey. Manufacturers of wiping rags in roll and piece goods, from textile and nonwovens fabric remnants and export rejections.
E. Butterworth & Co.
Recycler of textile waste for retail and wholesale wiper markets.
East-West Kursun GmbH
Germany. International textile waste collectors and recyclers. Multi-lingual site.
Engelbert Fessner Textilrohstoffe
Germany. Collection, sorting, and recycling of used clothing and textiles into industrial wiping and cleaning cloths, and regenerated fibers. Also, trading in used clothing. English and German.
ERC Wiping Products, Inc
USA. Manufacturers of towels, rags, wipers, spill control products, and cotton wiping and polishing cloths. Technical Information.
Germany. Textile recycling company, involved in the collection and sorting of used clothing and textile wastes, and recycling into industrial cleaning and wiping cloths, and regenerated fibers.
Gesellschaft für Rohstoffaufwertung mbH
Germany. Collection, sorting and trade in used clothing and shoes, and recycling of textile waste into industrial rags. English, German and Arabic.
H.Hoppe Textilrecycling GmbH
Germany. Recyclers of used clothing and textile wastes into industrial wiping and cleaning cloths. Information on European Union recycling policy, and the textile recycling industry. English and German.
Haines Bros
UK. Manufacturers and distributors of cleaning cloths, from textile and nonwovens seconds, surpluses and waste.
Howard Wipers, Ltd
UK. Manufacturers of industrial cleaning and polishing cloths and wipers from recycled textile wastes. Also, distributors of sorbent products.
I & G Cohen, Ltd
UK. Textiles recycling company. Collection, sorting and manufacture of wiping materials, from used clothing. Also, exporters of used clothing, footwear and fashion accessories.
Industrial Wiper Co
UK. Manufacturers of cleaning rags, wipers and polishers from recycled textile wastes.
K & A Wenkhaus GmbH
Germany. Collection, sorting and recycling of used textiles and textile wastes for a variety of industrial markets. English, German and French.
Laczai Kft
Hungary. Manufacturers of industrial wiping cloth from recycled textile wastes. English, Hungarian and Italian.
Lovalta Corp
Canada. Manufacturers of wipers and cleaning rags from textile wastes. Also, world wide traders in textile overruns and recyclable waste products, used clothing, and yarns and fibers.
MTS Europroducts BV
The Netherlands. Manufacturers of industrial cleaning wipers and products, from recycled textiles and nonwovens. Also, agents for paper and nonwovens. English, Dutch and French.
Recitex SL
Spain. Groep of companies, active in buying, classifying and commercialization of second hand clothes, actual and old-fashioned garments, cleaning rags, and textile and nonwoven materials. English and Spanish.
Talen Tekstil AS
Turkey. Textile recycling company, involved in the collection, sorting and processing of textile and yarn wastes, clips and shoddy, for re-use as wiping and cleaning cloths, and regenerated fiber for the yarn spinning and nonwovens industries. Also, plastic waste recycling. Multi-lingual site.
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