This category lists companies and individuals, involved in the development and commercialization of business management software solutions for the textile and apparel industry.
ADM Computers, Ltd
UK. Software packages for design and production, and wholesale and retail management in the garment and footwear industries. On-line demo.
AG Systems
USA. Windows and Macintosh compatible apparel business management software package for small and medium sized companies. Downloadable demo. Links to related sites.
Assyst GmbH
Germany. Software for design, engineering, planning and manufacturing in the sewn goods industry. Also, cutting and spreading equipment for the textile industry.
Datatex AG
Developers and suppliers of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for the textile and apparel industries. Also, planning and scheduling software, and automated data collection for textile manufacturing applications. Detailed technical information on PDF files. Library of case studies. Links to related sites. Multi-lingual site.
Fast React Systems, Ltd
UK. Suppliers of planning, sourcing and critical path management solutions developed for the apparel, textiles and footwear industries. White papers, case studies and FAQs.
Georgia, Inc
USA. Windows based manufacturing and accounting software for the apparel industry. On-line manuals and demo download. FAQ and product library.
Halo GmbH
Austria. Development and application of customized, modular and integrated software and hardware for recording and collection of machine and process data in the textile industry. Multi-lingual site.
Hiltes Software GmbH
Germany. Developers of modular and integrated software packages for textile and apparel production management and retail applications. Includes technical information. English, German and French.
Integrated Systems AG
Germany. Developers of software packages for production planning and control, dispatch and merchandising applications in the textile, apparel and footwear industries. English and German.
Intex Consulting GmbH
Germany. Developers of standard and customised ERP software for the textile and apparel industry. Multi-lingual site.
Jomar Softcorp International
Canada. Developers of web based and portable enterprise and e-business software solutions for commercial and industrial applications. Stand alone and integrated software packages for manufacturing and process managing in the textile, apparel, floorcovering and nonwovens industries. Technical information.
MOD2, Inc
USA. Developers of office automation and management software for the textile converting, wholesale and import industries.
Most Software
Turkey. Developers of complete software solutions for textile fabric and apparel design, 3d mapping, web based 3d marketing, sample tracking and order management. Demonstration CDs, screenshots and technical specifications. English and Turkish.
Canada. Developers of integrated management software for small and midsize manufacturers of textiles, garments, furniture, construction supplies and sporting goods. English and French.
Online Data Systems, Inc
USA. Developers of business software and e-commerce solutions for the apparel and footwear industries. Integrated systems for manufacturing, presentation, data acquisition and processing, management and Internet services.
Precise Software, LLC
USA. Developers of business management ERP software packages for the textile screen printing and embroidery industry. Quotes, order flow and tracking, purchasing, scheduling, and shipping and design.
RSK Tech, Ltd
UK. Developers of software packages for e-commerce and production management applications in the textile printing and retail industries. Library of articles.
Schaeffer Productique SA
France. Developers of software solutions for enterprise resource planning (ERP) and collaborative partnership management (CPM) applications, specifically designed for company networks and large order providers in the textile industry. Technical information. English, French and German.
ShapeShifter Technology, Ltd
Developers of CAD software to increase the efficiency of markers in the apparel, furniture, and automotive industries. Product information. Downloadable demos. List of clients.
ShopWorks LLC
USA. Developers of business software for the screen printing, embroidery and promotional products industries. Order management, job quoting and production control, purchasing, shipping and receiving, and accounting programs. On-line demos. Prices and FAQ. List of trade shows.
Software solutions for CAD design, merchandising and product data management (PDM) in the textile industry. Product information on ZIP files. Interactive presentation.
India. Developers of a range of software packages for financial management and production monitoring and control applications in yarn spinning mills. Also, software solutions for transportation and hotel management. Technical information.
Sumangal Group
India. Developers of software for textile resource planning, factory management, order processing and inventory control. Also, woven suiting and shirting fabrics.
XeBusiness, Ltd
UK. Distributors of supply chain software packages (ERP/MIS) for in-house functional process automation in the textile and apparel, footwear and soft goods industries, and integration with customer, supplier and partner software. Includes technical information.
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