This category lists private and public companies and institutions involved in textile and textile related research.

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3T Textil Technologie Transfer GmbH
Germany. Spin-off from the Aachen Institute of Textile Technology, involved in research, development and technology transfer related to the production of textiles and textile machinery. English and German.
AITEX. Technological Textile Institute
Spain. Private non-profit research, development and training institute for companies and individuals involved in the textile industry, dedicated to the promotion of innovation and technological development. Technical consultancy. Testing, auditing and certification services. English and Spanish.
BTRA. Bombay Textile Research Association
India. Institute for applied research, testing and development, created by the Indian textile and nonwovens, man-made fibers, textile machinery, dyestuffs and chemicals manufacturing industries.
Canesis Network, Ltd
New Zealand. Independent organization that evolved from the Wool Research Organization of New Zealand (WRONZ), dedicated to providing textile technology, research and development services, and commercial and marketing expertise and capabilities to the textile industry. Articles and papers on PDF files. Includes directory of partner companies.
Centrocot SpA
Italy. Center for testing, research, development and training, created by textile companies, trade organisations and government. Also, certification and calibration services. English and Italian.
Centrum Textil
Czech Republic. Textile research and development center, focused on education, and information and technology transfer. Based in the Technical University of Liberec. English and Czech.
CLOTEFI. Textile, Clothing and Fiber Technological Development Company SA
Greece. University of Athens institute for textile and garment research and development, active in technical, information and consultancy services, training and international cooperation.
South Africa. Sourcing and developing of science and technologies for the African industry. Design, development and laboratory services for the textile, clothing and related industries. Also, technology acquisition and implementation.
CTA. China Textile Academy
Government institution dedicated to chemicals, textile, nonwovens and fiber related research, development, testing and standardization. English and Chinese.
CTR. Centre for Textile Research
Denmark. University of Copenhagen center of excellence, dedicated to textile related research and development activities. Calendar of events. Links to related sites.
CTT Group
Canada. Private, non-profit corporation devoted to improving productivity in the textile, geosynthetic and para-textile industries. Applied research and testing services for textile materials and products. English and French.
DTNW. German Center for Textile Research
Germany. Non-profit organization, funded by industry and government, involved in fundamental and applied research in production processes and performance of textiles. Based in the University of Duisburg.
Germany. Private company for contract research in all fields of the engineering sciences. Industrial research in textile technology development and automated processing techniques. Also, textile testing services. English and German.
IFTH. French Textile and Apparel Institute
Research and development institute of the French textile and apparel industry, focused on education, training, certification and knowledge transfer. Technical publications. Links to related sites.
Colombia. Private, not-for-profit foundation, dedicated to research, publication, education and training, and the sponsoring of trade events in the Colombian textile and apparel manufacturing industry. English and Spanish.
INNOVATEXT. Textile Engineering and Testing Institute
Hungary. Research, development and testing institute for the Hungarian textile and apparel industries. Links to partner organizations. English and Hungarian.
The Institute of Textile Science
Canada. Science and technology institute of the Canadian textile industry, involved in research, development and educational activities, standardisation, knowledge transfer and technical publications.
Irspin. Slovene Spinning Industry Development Center
Slovenia. Cooperative project of industry and academia, dedicated to the development and promotion of education, research and development activities in materials, processes and products in the Slovene textile industry. Lists of projects and member organizations. English and Slovenian.
ISMAC. Institute for Macromolecular Studies
Italy. Research institute, focused on the properties, and chemical and physical characteristics of textile materials, industrial process technologies, the development of new analytical laboratory methods and the working environment. English and Italian.
KDTI. Korea Textile Development Institute
Non-profit, public institute for textile testing, development, research and education. English and Korean.
LEITAT. Textile Technology Center
Spain. Center for research, development and technological services in the textile and related industries. Technical testing, certification and consulting for fibers, yarns, fabrics and textile products. English, Catalan and Spanish.
MCCT. Montreal Centre for Contemporary Textiles
Canada. Non-profit corporation, dedicated to research, design, innovation, development and dissemination of information related to the crafts of weaving and spinning. Links to educational programs and related web sites. English and French.
Mikawa Textile Research Institute
Japan. Government and industry sponsored institute, involved in research and development on textile manufacturing, processing and finishing technologies. Also, technical consultancy. English and Japanese.
NITRA. Northern India Textile Research Association
Part of a group of four facilities, involved in basic and applied scientific research and development for the textile industry. Also, testing and consultancy services, and organizers of seminars and workshops. List of publications.
Olmetex SpA
Italy. Textile research and design company, specialised in silk, cotton, polyester, polyamide and blended fabric development. Also, technical finishing for sportswear applications. English and Italian.
SASMIRA. Synthetic and Art Silk Mills' Research Association
India. Cooperative venture of the Indian fiber and textile industry, dedicated to basic and applied research in polymers and intermediates, man-made fiber, yarns and textile fabrics. Also, commercial consulting and testing services. List of publications and journals.
TAM. Textile Research Center
Turkey. Research and education institute, and technical consultancy of the Turkish textile industry in cooperation with the Ege University. English and Turkish.
Texmedeco. Textile and Health Scientific Network
Poland. Cooperative initiative of research and development centers in the fields of textiles, medicine and occupational medicine. List of member organizations. Calendar of events. English and Polish.
The Textile Research Institute
Poland. Textile research and development center, specialised in manufacturing technology and testing of technical and furnishing fabrics, and jacquard pattern design. Also, production of woven fabrics for upholstery and furnishing. English and polish.
Textiles Intelligence, Ltd
UK. Textile research and publishing company. Business information on the global fiber, textile and apparel industries. Searchable database of market reports. Link to glossary of industry terms.
France. Non-profit association of European textile research organizations, dedicated to knowledge transfer, facilitate the establishment of trans-national projects, develop and maintain co-operative links with professional and textile associations, and provide a forum for the promotion of technical progress within the European textile industry. Links to member and partner sites.
TITV Greiz
Germany. Institute for research, development, service, consulting, testing and professional training in the textile industry. English and German.
TMTE. Hungarian Society of Textile Technology and Science
Research and information exchange organization for engineers, technicians, economists and entrepreneurs in the textile and garment industries. English, Hungarian and German.
The Woolmark Company
Research and development institute of the Australian wool textile industry, involved in the commercialisation of wool technologies and innovations, technical consulting, business information and commercial testing of wool fabrics. Owners of the Woolmark, Woolmark Blend and Wool Blend quality trademarks. Information about fiber processing technologies and wool marketing. Calendar of events. Links to related sites.
ÖTI. Austrian Textile Research Institute
Austria. Independent institute for research and testing in the apparel, flooring and technical textiles industries, fiber and polymer technology, and healthcare and ecology standards and labelling. Also, consulting and training services. Links to related sites. English and German.
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