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All About Fabrics
Portal to the global textile industry. Company directory. Job vacancies and CV submission. Marketplace and suppliers' lists. Textile dictionary, books and publications. List of events.
Belgian Linen
Portal to the Belgian flax and linen industry. History of flax and linen. Directory of spinners, weavers and processors. List of trade events.
Bharat Textile
Portal and information resource to the Indian textile and related industries. Textile news, information, fashion trends and trade information and analysis. Searchable categories of manufacturers, vendors and suppliers. Marketplace for textiles, machinery and accessories. Dictionary and glossary of fiber and fabric terms. English and Hindi.
Bulgarian Textile
Portal to the Bulgarian textile and apparel industry. Company directory. Overview of the Bulgarian textile industry. Links to related sites.
Color Management
Portal for news, information and support of color management technologies in the graphics and printing industries. Directory of color consultants. Calendar of events. Links to related sites.
Portal to the Egyptian textile and garment industry. Directory of manufacturers, suppliers and traders in fibers, yarns, fabrics, ready-made goods and machinery. Business news and events. Cotton information and prices. Link to chatboard. [English and Arabic]
Fabrics and Furnishings
Portal for home and contract furnishing fabrics. Technology and trend information. Buyers' directory. Calendar of events. Subscription required.
Portal to the Bulgarian textile, clothing and fashion industry. Categorised directories of manufacturers and suppliers. Business news and information. Marketplace. Calendar of events. English and Bulgarian.
Portal for the global textile and garment industries. Fashion trends and trade policy. Marketplace and searchable directories for companies, products and services. Magazines and books. Articles and technical information.
Global Textiles Network
Portal for the textile, apparel and nonwovens industries. Marketplace for fibers, chemicals, machinery and finished goods. Industry news and market information. Calendar of events. English and Chinese.
Hungarian Fashion & Textile Industry Marketplace
Electronic marketplace of manufacturers, suppliers and service providers in the Hungarian clothing and textile industry. Marketplace. Categorised company directory. English and Hungarian.
IMC. Interessenverbund Modecentren eV
Germany. Information resource for the alliance of fashion, footwear and leather centers across Germany. Links with detailed information on the individual centers. English, German and French.
Information resource and portal to the Indonesian fiber, yarn, textile and apparel, and nonwovens industries. Market trends and industry data. Company directory.
Innovation in Textiles
Information portal and resource for the international technical textiles and nonwovens industries. Library of industry and business news. Marketplace and company directory for fibers, yarns, fabrics and finished products, machinery, chemicals and related products.
Portal for professionals in the textile, apparel and footwear industries. Company listings and resources. Daily news, events and feature articles.
Knitting Industry
Portal and information resource for the global knitting industry. Company directory and marketplace. Information about technologies, dyeing and finishing, education and training, and technical textiles. From Orange Zero, Ltd.
North Carolina Textile Connect
Portal and directory for NC companies involved in fibers, yarns, fabrics, ready-made apparel and textile chemicals. Library of textile research articles and publications. Business statistics and calendar of events.
Pagine Tessili - The Virtual Factory
Vertical portal to the global textile and apparel industry. Marketplace, Searchable directory of manufacturers, traders and service providers. On-line textile handbook. Links to Italian ZIP codes, phonebook, and railway and airline flight schedules. English and Italian.
Portugal Têxtil
Portal to the Portuguese textile and apparel industry. Company directories for manufacturers and suppliers of materials and products. Library of articles and studies. Calendar of events. English and Portuguese.
Company directory, bookstore and library for the architecture and commercial interiors industries.
Portal to manufacturers, suppliers and service providers in the Romanian fashion and textile industry. Marketplace. categorised company directory. Business news and calendar of events. List of publications. English and Romanian.
Portal to the Brazilian textile and apparel industry. Company directories for fibers, yarns, fabrics, textile products and machinery. Business news and statistics. Technology information and technical consulting. Personnel recruitment. Web site hosting services. English, Spanish and Italian.
The Smart Time
Portal and information resource for the textile dyeing, bleaching, printing and processing industry. Links to related sites.
Solapur Textile Market
Portal, information platform and company profiles of the Solapur, India textile industry.
Tessil Moda
Company directory for manufacturers, agents, suppliers and service providers in the Italian textile and apparel industries. English, Italian and French.
Portal for textile and apparel professionals. Searchable database of companies and products. Marketplace and advertising. Links to events, organizations and business information. Free and paid subscription options. English, Italian, French and German.
Portal to the Czech textile and related industries. Marketplace. Company database. Business news and market reports. Forum. Links to related sites. English and Czech.
Textil Server
Portal to the German textile and apparel industries. Directories of companies, organizations, research and education institutes, technical information, publications, trade events and shopping sites. [English and German]
Textile Index
Portal to the Chinese fiber, yarn and textile industry. Company directory, business news and market information. English and Chinese.
Textile World Asia
Portal to the Asian textile industry. Machinery marketplace. Buyers' guide. Calendar of events. Business news. Career opportunities. English and Chinese.
Portal and marketplace for the global textile industry. Business and marketing news. Categorised company directory. Job bank. Links to trade organizations and textile related sites. English and German.
Portal to the global textile industry. Business news and events. Categorised directory of manufacturers and suppliers of fibers, yarns, fabrics, sewn products, services, and machinery and parts. Discussion forums. Books. Stock clearance sales. English and French.
World Jute
Portal and information resource of the jute cultivation, processing and manufacturing industry. Introduction to jute. Company directory, industry statistics, business news and pricing. Technology information and technical FAQ.
World Textile On-line
Portal to the global textile and nonwovens industry. Company directories, searchable by name, business segment, materials and country. Internet marketplace. Consultancy services. Links to trade fairs and conferences. On-line company showrooms.
Portal to the Italian textile and nonwovens industries. A categorised and searchable company directory. Virtual showrooms. Business news and list of trade events. [English, Italian and German]
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