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Adire African Textiles
History and information resource about African adire, adinkra, akwete, aso-oke, bogolan, ewe, kente, kuba, and nupe cloths. Includes information on social organization, processes and technologies. Galleries of fabric designs.
The Bayeux Tapestry
The story of the battle of Hastings where in 1066 William the Conqueror defeated Harold, Earl of Wessex, ensuring the success of the Norman invasion of England, as told in the Victorian replica of the Bayeux Tapestries which is housed in the Museum of Reading.
A Brief History of Lace in the 1500's
History of the creation of network, bobbin and needle lace during the reign of Queen Elizabeth in the 16th Century, including descriptions of the techniques. From Lynn McMasters' web site.
A Brief History of Navajo Blankets & Rugs
The history of the materials and techniques of blanket and rug weaving by the Navajo Indians, from the early 1800's until the present. From Len Wood's Indian Territory homepage.
A Brief History of Silk Maps
Short article about geographical maps printed on silk fabrics, which were issued by British and American intelligence to airforce servicemen during World War II as part of a standard survival kit. From the Map Scarves web site.
Eli Whitney Museum
Historical on-line resource about the inventor of the cotton gin and the technique of mass producing military firearms.
Fashion Era
An overview of fashion history with chronological reviews of trends in fashion apparel and accessories.
Glossary of Fabric Terms
Comprehensive glossary of textile technical terms in use from medieval times to the mid 1900s. From Class Act Fabrics.
History of Florentine Costume and Textiles
Part of the Medici Archive Project related to the golden age of Florentine textiles and clothing manufacture and trade during the existence of the Medici Grand Dukedom of Tuscany from 1537 to 1743.
The History of Weaving
The history of cloth weaving in short paragraphs, from the Stone Age to the present. Developed by Zeuter Development Corporation, as an educational aid for Canadian schools.
Hosiery History
Brief history in slide form of the hosiery technology and industry through the ages, written by Rachel Brendle of the Hosiery Technology Center for the 1998 International Hosiery Exhibition.
Spain. Internet service for textile designers and researchers of textile history, operated by the Terrassa Textile Museum and Documentation Centre. Collection of resource links, searchable by materials, techniques, periods, designs and uses. English, Catalan and Spanish.
Kuba Textiles: An Introduction
Introduction to the traditional single heddle loom cloth weaving, embroidery, applique, patchwork and dyeing techniques of the Kuba people of Zaire. Author: Ann E. Svenson.
Martha Ballard's Diary
Collection of diary entries, starting at August 3, 1786, and related to the household textile production which was widespread prior to the Industrial Revolution in the US.
Pano - A Unique Capeverdean Handicraft
Homepage about the history and technology of Pano narrow strip weaving technique, including photos and a reading list.
Reconstructing Personal Style in Late Antiquity
Information resource of the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology's virtual museum, exploring the expressive potential of decorative textiles and fashion in late antiquity.
Riches to Rags: Indian Block-Printed Textiles Traded to Egypt
Web site of the Kelsey Museum of Archeology describing the history of the textile trade from Asia to Egypt and Europe during 16th century, as it was uncovered at the Fustat and Quseir al-Qadim archeological sites in Egypt.
Sewing Threads: A Brief History
The history of needles and sewing threads, from the time men began walking on two feet until the end of the 19th Century, including sewing related tales. Author: Alex I. Askaroff.
Stories of Cloth
Culturally diverse arts and heritage project, initiated and led by visual artist Lesley Sutton, to reflect on the personal memories associated with the ritual events of birth, marriage and death, through the sensory medium of cloth.
Stories of Navajo Crafts and Tradition
Collection of Navajo personal stories about cloth weaving, told by Navajo teachers. Compiled by Larissa Oliver as part of the Monument Valley High School project web site on concurrently developing and linking the skills of traditional Navajo crafts and computer programming.
Stroud International Textiles Co., Ltd
UK. Textile promotion company, involved in events organizing and tours of historic textile sites which are part of the European Textile Network.
Textile Production in Ancient Egypt
Homepage of Hero Granger-Taylor and Stephen Quirke about the materials, technology and tools used in textile production, and fashion and clothing trends in ancient Egypt.
Textiles in History
Home page of Anne Wanders about textile materials and products from the early history of human kind till the present day. Includes collections of links to publications, institutions, dictionaries, reviews and articles, symposia and biographies.
Textiles of the North American Southwest
Historical resource of the Smithsonian Institute about the hand weaving traditions of the American Indian and Hispanic residents of the North American Southwest over the past 2000 years. Gallery of weave designs, timeline and glossary of terms. English and Spanish.
The World of Beduin Weaving
Joy May Hilden's studies of the ancient Beduin techniques of yarn spinning, dyeing and weaving. Library of articles, bibliography and links to related sites.
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