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Commission's Observations in Response to the Recommendations of the High Level Group for Textiles and Clothing
Presentation of the European Commission's recommendations covering areas of research and innovation, education and training, protection of intellectual property rights, competitiveness related issues, and trade and regional policies, in answer to a staff document; "The Challenge of 2005: European Textiles and Clothing in a Quota Free Environment". [PDF]
Comparative Analysis of the Thermal Insulation Properties of Fabrics Made of Natural and Man-Made Cellulosic Fibers
Technical paper presenting a comparative analysis of the thermal conductivity, absorption and thermal resistance of textile fabrics from cotton and Tencel yarns. Authors: I. Frydrych and others. [PDF]
Durameter - A New Stand for Estimating the Durability of Textiles
Technical paper describing a new testing instrument for investigating textile filament creep, and presenting and analysis of filament creep and strain under constant load. Authors: W. Konecki and others. [PDF]
The Effects of Household Fabric Softeners on the Thermal Comfort and Flammability of Cotton and Polyester Fabrics
Master of Science thesis examining the effects of household fabric softeners on the thermal comfort and flammability of cotton and polyester fabrics after repeated laundering. Author: Jiangman Guo. [PDF]
Linear Flow Detection in Woven Textiles Using Model-Based Clustering
Technical paper about research aimed at detecting linear pattern production faults in woven textile by combining image processing technology with a novel statistical modeling technique. Authors: J.G. Campbell and others. [PDF]
Numerical Analysis of Peirce's Cantilever Test for the Bending Rigidity of Textiles
Technical paper presenting the results of the numerical analysis and calculations of Pierce's test for the bending rigidity of textiles and nonwovens, and a comparison of the practical implications for this test in textile laboratories. Authors: Piotr Szablewski and Waldemar Kobza. [PDF]
Odour Measurements in the Textile Industry
Technical paper presenting selected problems associated with the measurement of odour in the textile industry. Author: Krzysztof Gniotek. [PDF]
Textile Primer
Short essay about natural fibers as wool, silk, linen, cotton and hemp, and descriptions of the various types of textile fabric weaves. From the St. Ives Historical Society. Author: Kara McLeod.
Textile Reference Manual
Includes library of technical articles about natural and man-made fibers, fabric weaves and finishes, and textile applications. From the Costume Gallery.
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