This category lists companies involved in the manufacture of plastic or paper cores, tubes and cones for the yarn spinning and processing industry.
Beschi Oscar & C. Snc
Italy. Manufacturers of molded plastic products and parts. Solid and perforated tubes, cones, covers and a range of accessories for filament and spun yarn manufacturing and processing, and textile machinery applications. Technical specifications. English and Italian.
Bharath Paper Conversions
India based manufacturer and exporter of paper cores, tubes, cones, fiber drums, pulp moulded products and edge protectors.
Caraustar Industries, Inc
USA. Materials recycling company, specialised in paper and board products, and plastics recycling for the packaging and processing industries. Tubes, cores and composite containers for yarn spinning, textile and nonwovens, paper, polymer film and flexible packaging applications.
Compack Pvt., Ltd
India. Diversified manufacturing company, active in packaging and components for the textile, and electrical and electronics industries. High-temperature resistant plastic perforated tubes, cones and carriers for yarn spinning applications.
Conitex Sonoco
Multi-national manufacturers of paper cones and tubes for the yarn spinning industry. Also, custom engineered packaging and transport systems, and custom printing and labeling services. Part of the Texpack Group. English and Spanish.
Corex Group
Belgium. Manufacturers of spiral and parallel wound cardboard cores and tubes for yarn, web, fabric, film, paper and foil winding machines. Also, edge protectors. Part of the VPK Packaging Group. Multi-lingual site.
Excel Tubes & Cones
India. Manufacturers of paper tubes and cones for the textile, paper and film industries. Also, paper containers and sleeves.
Gross Hof GmbH
Germany. Manufacturers of cardboard cones and tubes for the winding of threads, yarns and filaments, foils, tapes, paper and fabrics. Technical specifications. English, German and French.
Herbster Hülsen GmbH
Germany. Manufacturers of parallel and spiral-wound cardboard rings, cones and tubes and supports for the fiber, yarn and textile fabric, film and foil, and packaging and pyrotechnical industries. English, German and French.
Isilsan Plastik. Ltd
Turkey. Manufacturers of solid and perforated standard and customised tubes, cones and bobbins for ring spinning, and yarn and thread processing and dyeing applications. Technical specifications and dimensions. English and Turkish.
Kunert Group
Switzerland. Multi-national company manufacturing cores, corrugated cardboard and packaging. Parallel and spiraly wound cylindrical hard paper cores for textiles and nonwovens, films and foils, paper, metal and specialty applications. Technical information. Presentation videos. Multi-lingual site.
Naval Group
India. Design and manufacture of polycarbonate injection molded, perforated and non-perforated tubes, cones, cheeses and bobbins for yarn spinning, conditioning, processing and dyeing applications. Also, bobbins and cones for knitting operations. Detailed product catalogs, providing technical information.
Pittsfield Plastics Engineering, Inc
Manufacturers of plastic spools, reels, dye tubes, bobbins, and cores.
Italy. Manufacturers of plastic yarn carriers, cones and tubes for natural, synthetic and blended spun yarns and continuous filaments. Also, dye-centers and spacers, and carriers for elastomeric yarns. English, Italian and French.
Savio Texcone Pvt., Ltd
India. Manufacturers of blank and printed paper cones and tubes, and yarn carriers. Technical information and specifications. Description of manufacturing process.
Scaglia SpA
Italy. Manufacturers of a wide range of wooden and aluminium alloy bobbins, plastic tubes, components for yarn roving and spinning machinery, and yarn waste removal systems. Also, stand alone and truck mounted electronic and hydraulic materials handling equipment. English and Italian.
Sunny Texcone Pvt., Ltd
India. Manufacturers of paper cones and tubes for the yarn spinning and processing industry. Also, polystyrene, cardboard and expanded metal forms for concrete bolt securing applications. Technical information.
VPK Packaging Group
The Netherlands. Group of companies, active in corrugated and solid board packaging, tubes and cores, and edge protectors for a range of industrial applications. Manufacturers of spiral and parallel wound paper tubes and cores for the rolling of paper, films and foils, textiles, nonwovens and metal sheeting. Links to group companies. English and Dutch.
Yasar Packaging Co
Turkey. Manufacturers of a wide range of cones and cylindrical tubes for yarn winding, from recycled paper. Technical specifications and cone design information. Multi-lingual site.
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