This category lists companies involved in the manufacture and trade of sewing machine parts and supplies.

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Anghinetti Srl
Italy. Manufacturers and distributors of stands, components and equipment for industrial sewing and garment ironing applications. Technical information and specifications. English, Italian and Spanish.
Artur S. Martins & Filhos, Lda
Portugal. Manufacturer of folders, binders, and specialty sewing machine attachments, mechanical pullers, and pneumatic machinery for special jobs like belt loops, collars, and buttons.
Cerliani SpA
Italy. Manufacturer of hooks, shuttles and bobbin cases for industrial sewing machinery.
Chun Yang Industrial Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of parts for industrial sewing machines and miscellaneous electronic parts.
Clinton Industries, Inc
USA. Design and manufacture of industrial sewing machine attachments, cutting systems, material handling and work stations, and electronic and DC servo-motors for the apparel industry. Operating manuals and price lists for equipment and parts on PDF files. List of world wide distributors.
Diamond Needle Corp
USA. Suppliers of a wide range of sewing machine needles, and parts and supplies for sewing, cutting, bag closing, bookbinding and embroidery machines. Searchable product database. Technical information on PDF files.
Dunlap Sunbrand International
USA. Suppliers of machine parts, attachments and accessories for the sewing and embroidery industries. Also, repair services.
Drives and control systems for the sewing industry.
Hengfeng Sewing Machine Parts Co
China. Manufacturer and exporter of sewing machine parts such as rotary hooks, bobbin cases, needle plates, pressure feet, knives, loopers and accessories.
Kessler GmbH
Germany. Design, development and manufacture of ergonomic sewing machine stands, work stations, table tops and accessories. Extensive technical information. product specifications on PDF files. English and German.
Kwok Hing Sewing Machine Co
Manufacturer and distributor of sewing machine spare parts and equipment.
Lanxia Industrial Development Co., Ltd
Manufacturer of sewing parts and supplies. Bobbins, bobbin cases, hooks and loopers.
Leon Callot SA
Belgium. Wholesale suppliers of needles, folders, spare parts and accessories for the garment and sewing machine industry. Detailed product catalogs on PDF files. Multi-lingual site.
Luna Industrial Co., Ltd
China. Manufacturers of spare parts and attachments for industrial sewing machines. Also, folding tables, cuff and collar pressing machines, and fusing presses. Technical information.
Mark Middle East, LLC
Dubai. Suppliers of a complete range of spare parts, attachments and accessories for industrial sewing machines.
Meta Precision Industry Co., Ltd
Taiwan. Design, development and manufacture of attachments and automation systems for industrial sewing machines. Also, cutting machines and laser equipment. Technical information.
Microarc Welding Service
Re-tipping of sewing machine hooks and loopers back to the original specifications. Repair odd parts which include feed dogs, presser feet, throat plates, and needle plates.
QHD Mooye Precision Parts Co.,Ltd
China. Manufacturers of a complete range of parts and attachments for industrial sewing and quilting machines. Detailed product catalogs.
QHD Sewing Machine Parts Factory
China. Manufacturers of attachments for overlock and interlock sewing machines, and multi-needle quilting machines. English and Chinese.
Racing Sewing Machine Co., Ltd
Taiwan. Design and manufacture of computerised metering devices, pullers and attachments for industrial sewing machinery. List of world wide agents. English and Chinese.
Ram Elettronica SpA
Italy. Manufacturers of computerized tension metering devices suitable for all types of sewing machines for stretching and feeding rigid and elastic bands, ribbons and tapes, laces, and knitted stripes. Technical information. English, Italian and French.
RG Attachments, Ltd
UK. Manufacturers of folders, guides and specialist attachments for the industrial sewing industry. Parts catalog, including technical information on PDF files. Detailed sewing guide and parts selector.
SM Attachment
El Salvador. Manufacturers of a wide range of standard and custom made sewing machine attachments and accessories. Detailed product catalogs, including technical brochures on PDF files. Links to related sites.
Sürücü Industries
Turkey. Design and manufacture of stainless steel attachments for industrial sewing machines. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information and specifications. English, Turkish and Russian.
Tai Shing Sewing Attachment
Canada. Manufacturers of sewing machine binder sets and folders. Includes a brief company profile, a catalog of products and an order form.
Towa Industrial Co., Ltd.
Bobbin case manufacturer for a variety of industrial and domestic sewing machines. Site can be view in English and Japanese.
United Mechanical Works
Manufacturer and exporters of rotating hooks for many different types of sewing equipment.
Wang Sing Electric Factory Corporation
Manufacturer and exporter of industrial sewing machine motors and supplies.
WEDA Roland Werner GmbH
Germany. Diversified company, active in textile technology, engineering and pneumatic systems. Manufacturers of cutters, valves, injectors, knee switches, tape feeding devices, controllers and accessories for sewing machine automation applications. Detailed product catalogs. Technical information, specifications and drawings on PDF files. English and German.
Yiing Shuang Industrial Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of hooks, bobbin cases, caps, and loopers for sewing machines.
Yuan Fong Industrial Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of sewing machine parts, shuttle race complete, rotating hooks, shuttle hooks and bobbin cases.
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