This category lists companies focusing on the development, production and marketing of electro-conductive textile fabrics for the recording and monitoring of human conditions, and wearable computers.

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CuteCircuit Srl
Italy. Industrial research and development company, and technical consultancy, focused on wearable computers, smart textiles, telecommunication services and education methodologies.
Eeonyx Corp
USA. Development and manufacture of proprietary intrinsically conductive polymer (ICP) powders, and textile fabrics for electrostatic dissipation (ESD) applications. Technical specifications and material safety data.
Future-Shape GmbH
Germany. Developers of software and hardware for smart textiles and floor coverings, RFID technology and service robotics. Technical documents and flyers on PDF files.
Interactive Wear AG
Germany. Textile company active in the development, integration and commercialization of electronics into textiles and clothing for the entertainment and communication, heating, solar power, medical, military and sports markets. Technical information. English and German.
International Fashion Machines
USA. Research and development of electronic textiles for art, design, private industries and the military.
Marktek Inc
USA. Suppliers of conductive, resistive, radar-absorptive, and EMI-shielding materials. Also, a wide selection of conductive woven and nonwoven fabrics and textiles. Technical information about materials and products.
Germany. Textile innovation company, involved in design, knowledge transfer and technical consulting, workshops, material screening, product development and project management for electronic textiles and garments. Catalog of projects, including technical information. English and German.
Ohmatex ApS
Denmark. Technology and business development company, involved in conductive yarns, ultra flexible elastic conductive cabling, smart textiles, and wearable electronics. Technical articles on PDF files. Links to related sites. English and Danish.
Outlast Technologies, Inc
USA. Design and manufacture of interactive temperature regulating fabrics for bedding, footwear, apparel and sportswear, through the application of proprietary microencapsulated phase change materials technology.
Smartex Srl
Italy. Commercial company focusing on research and development of electronic textile fabrics for applications in the healthcare, sports, ergonomy, communication, military and entertainment industries. English and Italian.
Textile Testing & Innovations, LLC
USA. Independent company involved in research and development of phase change materials (PCM) incorporated textile, nonwoven and other carrier fabrics, for medical and industrial applications. Also, product performance testing services and knowledge transfer to industry. List of publications. English and German.
Textronics, Inc
USA. Textile innovation company, focused on the development of energy activated warming, illuminating, conducting, and sensing textile materials and systems. Extensive technical information.
Woven Electronics
USA. Development and manufacture of analog and digital custom engineered, patented interconnect woven cable configurations, mechanical and electrical packaging, and precision fiber optics. Manufacturers of a range of specialty light weight, woven smart fabrics for garment applications in military and security environments.
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