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Applications of Mathematics in Technical Textiles
Extensive report on the proceedings of a workshop about mathematics in technical textiles, organized by the Scottish Industrial Networking Initiative in Mathematical Sciences (SINIMS) on January 16, 2002. [PDF]
Computation of Permeability of Textile Reinforcements
Technical paper presenting a numerical method to predict the permeability of textile reinforcements and the experiment results to validate the theoretical prediction. Authors: Bart Verleye and others. [PDF]
Contributions of Strain Energy and PV-Work on the Bending Behaviour of Uncoated Plain Woven Fabric Air Beams
Extensive technical paper, describing various test procedures to measure the bending behaviour of woven fabric air beams. Authors: Paul V. Cavallaro and others. [PDF]
Influence of Structural Parameters of Wale-Knitted Fabrics on Their Electrostatic Properties
Technical paper, presenting research to estimate the electrostatic properties of knitted fabrics with electro-conductive yarn content, destined for protective clothing used to protect humans against static electricity. Authors: Anna Pinar and Lucyna Michalak. [PDF]
Investigation of End-Use Properties of Fabrics From Metaaramid Yarns
Technical paper presenting the results of an investigation of the end-use mechanical properties of textile fabrics of various weaves for protective apparel, made from meta-aramid yarns. Authors: L. Valaseviciute and others. [PDF]
Medical Textiles: Application of an Absorbable Barbed Bi-directional Surgical Suture
This review paper introduces an absorbable bi-directional barbed surgical suture that does not require surgical knots for wound closure. Authors: Philip P. Dattilo, Jr. and others. [PDF]
Model Project on Technical Textiles
Position paper of the Indian government Textile Commissioner's Office on the development of the technical textiles sector in India, describing the technological requirements for the production of canvas fabrics for coating and laminating of technical and industrial fabrics. [PDF]
A Survey on Innovative Textiles and Their Application
Overview of market developments and trends for technical and specialty textiles for garments, home interiors and construction, sports, medical, geotechnical and agricultural, transport, personal protection and industrial applications. Author: Aldo Tempesti.
The Technical Textiles Industry in North America
Article about the state of the technical textiles industry in North America. Production statistics and market volume. Future developments and trends. Author: William C. Smith. [PDF]
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