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Alex Russell Creative Services
UK. Freelance artist, specialised in textile design and surface patterns, graphics and repeats for fashion or furnishing and interiors, and illustration, graphic imagery, cartoons and artworks.
Alvisi e Alvisi
Italy. Design studio for jacquard woven fabrics for the home furnishing industry. Development of jacquard files. Consulting services for fabric construction, weave patterns, yarns and colors. English and Italian.
Andrea dall' Olio
Italy. Studio for trendbook publications, interior design, and textile fabrics design, yarn selection, sampling, coloring and catalog editing. English, Italian and French.
Angie Lewin
UK. Design and maker of linocut and wood engraved prints and collages. Designs gallery.
Anne Kyyrö Quinn
UK. Studio for contemporary designs in cushions, throws, table textiles and wall panels, and lighting designs. Catalogs for fabrics and finished product designs.
Arte Tessile Snc
Italy. Studio for jacquard and raschel designs for upholstery, curtain, bedding, towel, label and apparel fabrics, and carpets. Also, technical textile consulting and personnel training services. Extensive fabric designs catalog. English and Italian.
Barbara Leonard
Italy. Designer and illustrator working with textiles, paper, ceramics, wallpapers and apparel. On-line gallery of designs.
Barrow Industries, Inc
USA. Designers and converters of upholstery fabrics for residential and commercial applications.
Buti Fabric Design Studio
China. Studio for the design and development of plain and jacquard woven, yarn and solid dyed, printed and embroidered fabrics for upholstery, and collections of dyed and printed towels. Also, custom manufacturing services.
Chris Chun
Australia. Artist, illustrator and designer in acrylic paint and mixed media. Extensive art and designs galleries. Requires Flash plug-in to enter.
Clare Nicolson Textile Design
UK. Textile design studio combining digitally printed cottons and silks with vintage fabrics for interior textiles and accessories. Gallery of her work, list of retailers, and order form.
Claudy Jongstra
The Netherlands. Design studio for felt fabrics and art for interior decoration, wall hangings and coverings, and tapestries, for vegetable dyed wool, silk and alpaca. Detailed designs galleries.
Colorway Design, Inc
USA. Full service textile and design studio specialised in fashion and home furnishings. Also, services for trade show displays and materials.
Country Heart Designs
UK. Textile design studio. Contemporary designs for bedding and upholstery fabrics, and for wallpaper, ceramics and gift wraps. Also, contract design services.
Cozy Bendesky
USA. Fiber artist creating contemporary art quilts from hand-dyed shibori fabrics.
Creative Textiles
UK. Studio involved in the design and creation of wall hangings and artifacts from reclaimed textile materials, ceramics and stones. Catalogs of designs. Links to related sites.
Cressida Bell
UK. Design studio specialising in apparel accessories, cushions, soft murals, lamps and shades, carpets and furnishing fabrics. Gallery of sample designs.
Debra Rutter Designs
UK. Woven textile design and artwork studio, specialists in jacquard and dobby fabrics, and paper surface design.
Design Weavers
India. Textile and carpet design studio, involved in the development, resizing and custom digital design services. Product designs catalogs.
Design Works International
USA. Design studio for the fashion and home furnishings industries, offering traditional painting and CAD design services.
DesignTex, Inc
USA. Designers of fabrics for upholstery and furnishing of commercial and institutional interiors.
Dessigraf SA
Spain. Textile design studio, specialised in multiple printing techniques for bedding and home textiles. English and Spanish.
Diane Harrison Designs, Ltd
UK. Surface pattern design studio.
Dominique Kieffer
France. Designer of woven, natural colored and yarn and solid dyed fabrics for upholstery and furnishing applications, from linen and blends with natural fibers. Detailed fabric catalogs. Fabric brochure and collections of PDF files. English, French and Italian.
Dovecot Studios
UK. Commission weavers of tapestries for artists and designers, architects, interior design specialists, museum curators and private collectors. Also, collections of hand tufted rugs.
Edwina Pellikka
Textile studio, specialised in commission dyeing, hand and silk screen printing, painting and air-brush coloring of textile fabrics and leather. Also, ageing, distressing, and breakdown of fabrics, costumes, jeans, leathers, skins, shoes and hats.
Ella Doran Design, Ltd
UK. Versatile design company, active in wallpapers, decorations, textiles, ceramics and paper, homewares and furnishings. Extensive gallery of designs.
Esté Vision
The Netherlands. Custom design studio, specialised in color separations, colorations, 3D simulations, trend views and collection consulting for interior fabrics and wallpapers. English, Dutch and German.
UK. Independent gallery, shop and design studio dedicated to contemporary textiles and design, and specialised in materials recycling and eco design.
FabRose Textiles
UK. Textile and surface decoration design studio, specialised in silk screen printing and illustration. Gallery of designs. Links to related sites.
Fiona Howard
UK. Textile designer for the home furnishing and licensing markets. On-line portfolio.
Gemini Dancer
Canada. Design studio with a portfolio of digital surface texture designs for license to manufacturers of bed and bathroom linens, tabletops, stationary, gift wraps, fashion accessories and dinnerware.
Habu Textiles, LLC
USA. Weaving studio and showroom for Japanese hand woven textile fabrics and ribbons, from a wide variety of fibers. Extensive technical information. On-line purchasing facility.
Heike Schick Design
Germany. Design studio, specialised in surface design for interior textiles, paper, and porcelain, clay and glass. Links to partner sites. English and German.
Helena Gavshon
UK. Creative textile design studio specialising in contemporary and vintage textile designs.
Hoffman California Fabrics
USA. Design and marketing of screen printed cotton fabrics for apparel, craft and quilting applications. Extensive print designs galleries. Links to craft and quilting related sites.
Idea Jacquard Srl
Italy. Design studio for jacquard woven fabrics for the home furnishing industry. Also, consulting services for fabric construction, weave patterns, yarns and colors. English and Italian.
Jane Forrester
USA. Designer and artist creating original hand printed textiles, and surface and textile designs for fabric, paper and carpet applications. Gallery of hand printed textiles, surface designs and colorways.
Jilli Blackwood
UK. Textile designer and fiber artist, specialising in hand dyed fabrics using unique embroidery and woven techniques to create textured one-off designs in silk, wool, for wallhangings, cushions, quilts, curtains, kilts, waistcoats for interior decoration and art collections.
Karen Combs
USA. Independent designer of quilting fabrics. Gallery of quilt designs. Links to books, patterns and tools.
Karoliina LiinaLommi
Finland. Design studio for hand felted wall hangings and textile art.
Kate Fletcher
UK. Design studio and consultancy for ecologically sustainable fashion and textiles. Links to blog and related sites.
Korda Designs
UK. Studio for surface design of wallpapers, murals, apparel and fashion accessories, upholstery and furnishings, bedding products and packaging materials.
Laura Baggott
UK. Designer of printed and knitted textiles. Extensive gallery of designs. Calendar of events.
Laura Thomas
UK. Textile art and design studio, involved in wallhangings and textile based art works. Also, freelance design consultancy to the home furnishings industry.
Laurie dill-Kocher
USA. Designer of site specific fiber art tapestries, quilts and vessels for commercial, religious and residential settings. Extensive designs galleries.
London Portfolio
USA. Design studio for apparel, home furnishings, and paper and stationery products.
Luisa Cevese Riedizioni
Italy. Design and manufacture of bags, kitchen textiles and soft murals, from fiber, yarn and textile, and plastic materials wastes.
Lynne Heller
Canada. Web site designer and textile artist, specialised in quilts and quilted wallhangings. Gallery of designs. Calendar of events.
Maija Fagerlund
Finland. Pattern designer for fashion, wallpapers, and interior textiles for home and contract markets. Gallery of sample designs.
Marcie Designs, Inc
USA. Textile design studio for apparel, sleepwear, and intimates. Also, paper and home fashions design. Sample galleries.
Marialida Textiles
Italy. Textile design studio, involved in the manufacture of hand loom satin and velvet woven silk, Egyptian cotton and linen collectibles, hand printed and dyed using traditional techniques, and vegetable and mineral dyes and inks. Technical information and catalogs of fabric designs.
Marti Schmidt Designs, Inc
USA. Designers and custom manufacturers of printed fabrics, art and products for hotels, resorts and restaurants. Designs gallery. Description of process. Links to related sites.
Mode Information Belgium BVBA
International platform for manufacturers and retailers, service companies, designers, stylists, institutes, associations, colleges and universities, providing access to publications of fashion and interior design related trend information, and color communication.
Moerkegaard Design A/S
Denmark. Design studio and full service project managers for lifestyle products, textiles, and accessories for the home and outdoor-living. Project and artwork catalog.
Nextage Designs
India. Textile design studio, focused on fabrics for upholestry, curtains, bedding and blankets, and wall-to-wall carpets and area rugs. Also, design consultancy and outsourcing services.
OMC Design Studios Srl
Italy. Design studio focusing on printed repeating patterns and geometrical shapes for textile fabrics. Exhibition of patterns.
Origin, Inc
USA. Design studio for the apparel and home furnishings industries. Links to CAD design tools and related sites.
Oromono Textile Design
UK. Designers of contemporary interior textiles. Detailed designs galleries. List of world wide retailers. Designers' profile.
Pauline Burbidge
UK. Textile artist and creator of quilted, layered, painted and textured wall hangings and bed covers. Galleries of designs.
Peclers Paris
France. Styling and trend forecasting agency for the textile, fashion, cosmetics, home decoration, consumer goods and retailing industries. List of world wide agents. Calendar of events. English and French.
PM Design Group, Inc
USA. Art licensing company representing artists, designers and photographers active in prints and posters, greeting cards and gifts, table tops, ceramics, wallcoverings, and bedding and home furnishings and accessories. Galleries of designs.
Priya Mani
Denmark. Textile designer, specialised in fabrics and textile panels for apparel, upholstery, furnishing and home decoration. Detailed catalogs of textile designs, including technical information.
France. International styling and trend forecasting agency for fashion, design and lifestyles. List of world wide agents. English and French.
Rachel Cave
UK. Studio for textile and paper print surface and pattern designs. Also, commission design work.
Renato Galeazzo
Italy. Developers of jacquard designs for fabric weaving, and textile printing designs. On-line purchasing. Requires registration to enter the catalog/
Ritika Designs
India. Independent designer for prints and patterns, 3D renderings, collections of bedding and bathroom textiles, and floor coverings. Also, stationary, wall decor, product designing. Detailed design gallery.
Rogora Sas
Italy. Pattern design and development. Jacquard pattern punching, copying, recording and maintenance service. English and Italian.
Scott-Waters Design
Textile and clothing design for the apparel industry.
SnapFashun, Inc
USA. On-line clipart library of sketched, photographed and digital formatted, interchangeable fashion items and details for manufacturers, retailers, teachers and students. Slide shows. Sample collections. Education resources and articles.
South West Textile Group
UK. Voluntary association of textile artists dedicated to further the improvement of textile design in its bradest sense. Extensive on-line catalog of designs and directory of designer profiles.
Studio Smriti
India. Textile studio offering contemporary and classic design and manufacturing services for the textile, interior and garment sectors. Product development, trend research, concept development, sampling and production sourcing.
The Style Council
Specializing in custom artwork, hand painting, CAD, graphics, digital fabric printing, yarn dyes, trend forecasting, and original print designs for clothing and home furnishings.
Talia Donag Design
Israel. Design studio for the textile industry, specialising in contemporary and traditional designs for woven and tufted carpets, rugs and mats.
Tana Bana Design Services
USA. Textile design studio, specialised in jacquard and dobby upholstery, drapery and panel fabrics, and wallpaper designs for residential and contract markets. Also, trend forecasting services. Fabric designs gallery. Links to related sites.
Tom Cody Design
Full service textile design studio, involved in digital printed and hand painted fabrics for fashion and home furnishings. Custom artwork, CAD design graphics, trend boards, presentation materials and consulting services.
True Designs
Design studio for textile fabrics, home furnishings and women's apparel. Extensive design gallery.
Universal Design, Inc
USA. Group of textile design and training companies. Educational programs. Studios for weaving, spinning and felting. Suppliers of looms, spinning wheels, fibers and accessories. E-commerce solutions, web design and hosting.
Vaishali Design Studio
India. Design studio for woven, printed and surface ornamented fabrics, floor coverings, soft furnishings, and bed and bathroom, and kitchen linens. Also, exhibition stands and handle displays.
Verbeek & van den Broek
The Netherlands. Design studio for interior and garment fabrics, bedlinnens, curtains, wallpapers, giftwraps, greetingcards, stationary and ceramics. Catalogs of designs. Links to related sites.
Virtuelli Design
Sweden. Design studio for decorative fabrics, home textiles, carpets, blinds and wallpapers. Also, gift wraps, photo prints and posters, and flexible photography.
Vivien Prideaux
UK. Tutor, lecturer, writer and textile art designer, involved in textured hand dyed, new and salvaged natural textile fabrics. On-line fabric designs gallery.
UK. Design and styling of woven fabrics for industrial and home applications. On-line collections of individual designers.
Weitzner Limited
USA. Design studio active in textiles, floor coverings, packaging, tableware, fashion accessories and healthcare products. Gallery of designs, including woven fabrics for curtains and draperies. Links to client companies.
Wendy Johnson Design
USA. Textile and surface pattern design studio for home furnishings, textile fabrics, carpet and gift applications. Extensive designs gallery.
Yoma Textiles
USA. Designers of upholstery fabrics for residential, commercial, hospitality and contract markets, from cotton, polyester, nylon, rayon, silk and blends.
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