This category lists laboratories and institutions, providing testing and certification services to the textile, apparel and accessories industries.
Applied Textiles
USA. Textile testing services for contract and residential textiles, and test method development services. Also, supply chain management, and warehousing and distribution services.
Atlas Material Testing Technology, LLC
USA. Multi-national materials testing company, providing weathering, corrosion, textile, flammability and environmental testing services. Also, development and manufacture of technical lighting systems, and technical training courses. Testing program for the apparel, textile and textile materials industries. Calendar of events. List of publications. Links to related sites.
Belgium. Private, non-profit membership organization, dedicated to the development and promotion of innovative technologies for the textile industry. Yarn, fabric and product engineering. Standardization, certification, measurement, process control and testing services.
The CORD Group
Canada. Independent company, conducting and coordinating the research and testing of protective apparel for military, marine, aviation and leisure applications. Developers of the Thermal Instrumented Manikin Test System (TIM). Links to related sites.
High Street Textile Testing Services, Ltd
UK. Independent international laboratory for testing, inspection and certification of textiles and consumer products. Also, customised training services, and factory, social and ethical audits. Regulation guides and technical brochures on PDF files. Links to related sites.
Hohenstein Institutes
Germany. Independent, commercial textile testing and development company. Applied research in textile materials and products. Consulting, quality management and certification, and training services. English and German.
Independent Textile Testing Service, Inc
USA. Testing services for the carpet and textiles manufacturing industries, consumers, designers, specifiers, architects, and builders.
Inotex, Ltd
Czech Republic. Textile testing and consultancy. Product research and development. Technical information and assistance. Materials and product testing and evaluation. Technology transfer and consulting. Also, suppliers of dyes and chemicals.
Korea Apparel Testing & Research Institute
Internationally accredited testing, inspection and research institute for the textile and apparel industry. English and Korean.
Korea Textile Inspection & Testing Institute
Textile testing and quality inspection institute of the Korean Spinners and Weavers Association. Also active in textile research and development, technical training, technology transfer and scientific publications. English and Korean.
Laboratorio Prevenzione Incendi Srl
Italy. Independent testing and industrial analysis laboratory, specialised in materials fire resistance testing in the transport, healthcare, clothing, furniture, entertainment and building industries. English and Italian.
Promotex Srl
Italy. Textile services company, specialised in testing and quality control of woven and knitted fabrics for manufacturers, converters and merchants in the apparel and fashion industry. Multi-lingual site.
Quality Tex India
Textile institute, involved in final shipment inspection for manufacturers, exporters and buying houses. Also, consultancy and personnel training services, and general factory audits.
Suncare Research Laboratories, LLC
USA. Research and testing facility for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and textiles. Testing of ultraviolet protection factor for sunscreen fabrics.
Tessil Controll System Srl
Italy. Independent testing laboratories, specialised in physical and chemical testing, and visual inspection of textile fabrics, garments and sewn products. On-line tracking of order status. English, Italian, French and German.
Vartest Laboratories, Inc
USA. Textile testing and quality management services. Physical, chemical and microscopic evaluation of fibers, yarns, fabrics, apparel and home furnishing products. Also, testing of automotive and industrial products.
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