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Almi Test, Ltd
Bulgaria. Testing institute for physical and analytical testing of industrial and consumer products. Testing of textile fiber composition and fabric construction, color fastness and dimensional stability. English and Bulgarian.
Analytical Services, Ltd
UK. Testing laboratory, specialised in fiber composition analysis and performance testing of yarns and textile fabrics. Detailed descriptions of test methods available. Price list. Conversion tables. Links to related sites.
Australian Wool Testing Authority Ltd
Government institute involved in the testing of wool fiber prior to sale, textile fabrics, carpets, geotextiles and reflective surfaces, and physical and chemical testing for the grain, food and feed industries. Also active in the development and implementation of national and international standards, procedures, methods and technologies. Extensive library of articles. History of Australian wool. Links to related sites.
B-Tex Laboratory
India. Full service research, development and testing institute for man-made fiber, yarns, textiles and textile chemicals. Also, manufacturers of testing instruments, and providing technical engineering services.
BTTG. British Textile Technology Group
UK. Independent UKAS accredited testing and certification laboratory for the apparel, technical textiles, nonwovens, floor covering and construction industries. Detailed lists of services and publications on PDF files.
CO.DE.TEX. Group
Italy. Group of companies involved in full service testing, quality and process control, and inspection activities for the textile and apparel industries. Also, logistic services, and customised information systems. Links to related sites. Multi-lingual site.
Color Solutions International
USA. Providers of color communication services. Customised and engineered color standards. Textile testing and environmental auditing services. Part of the DyStar Group.
CTC Group
France. Multi-national group of independent companies, involved in quality control, consultancy and training activities for the leather, footwear and leather goods, textile and apparel, electrical and electronic, environmental and toy manufacturing industries. Multi-lingual site.
Detail Inspection Service Co., Ltd
China. Independent company, involved in factory audits, on-site inspection and laboratory testing services for the textile, nonwovens, and industrial and consumer products industries. English and Chinese.
Ekoteks Laboratory, Ltd
Turkey. Independent laboratory for physical and chemical textile and leather testing, inspection, training and technical consulting services. Glossary of terms. List of care labels. Price list. English and Turkish.
Faserinstitut Bremen eV
Germany. Independent testing and research institution, active in natural fibers production and processing technologies and methods. Testing programs for cotton and wool fiber for producers, manufacturers and merchants. [English and German]
The Fibre Lab
UK. Independent laboratory involved in fiber evaluation services for cashmere, wool, mohair, alpaca, llama, guanaco and vicuña fibers. Also, technical consultancy and breeding advice. Fiber testing pricing schedule. Links to related sites.
FILK. Forschungsinstitut für Leder und Kunststoffbahnen Freiberg
Germany. Non-profit research and testing institute for the plastics, leather, textile and nonwovens industries. Also, organizers of conferences, seminars and courses. Listing of testing services. [English and German]
Korea. Internationally accredited testing and inspection institute for textile, paper, plastics, rubber, leather and resin based industrial and consumer goods. Comprehensive list of available services. English and Korean.
The Govmark Organization, Inc
USA. Independent laboratory for fire and flammability testing services for the textile, plastics and construction industries. Directory of tests, searchable by product and test method.
Germany. Cooperative project of the European carpet industry. Testing services for carpet related raw materials, finished products and installation procedures. Promotion of environmentally responsible recycling solutions. Links to European environmental legislation, governing bodies and general information. Multi-lingual site.
IMO Group
Switzerland. Multi-national group of laboratories providing inspection and certification services to companies active in agriculture, forestry, natural fibers and textiles, and are manufacturing and processing according to ecologically responsible standards. [English and German]
Integrated Paper Services, Inc
USA. Independent laboratory for all-round quality, property and chemical testing, and image analysing services for the paper, nonwovens and fiber industries. Detailed listing of services.
International Textile Center
USA. Texas Tech University auxiliary, conducting textile research, testing and evaluation of natural and man-made fibers, yarns and fabrics, and textile manufacturing, dyeing and finishing systems and processes. List of publications. Links to related sites.
Intertek Group, PLC
World wide group of testing laboratories for the textile, footwear, toys, petroleum and chemicals industries. Also, ISO certification and related services.
Intertek Labtest
International product testing, inspection and certification institute for textiles, leather and apparel, toys, footwear, food, chemicals, electronics and electrical products. Part of Intertek, PLC.
Italy. Independent multi-national company, involved in quality control, testing, auditing and certification in the textile, apparel and footwear industries. English and Italian.
JSTIIF. Japan Synthetic Textile Inspection Institute Foundation
Independent group of institutes providing testing services for the natural and man-made fiber, textile, chemical, papermaking, rubber and leather processing industries. [English, Japanese and Chinese]
Macaulay Institute
UK. Multidisciplinary-based research institute specialised in soil, plant and animal sciences, geography, socio-economics and information technology. Laboratory evaluation and testing services for animal hair and fiber.
NAMSA. North American Science Associates, Inc
USA. Independent laboratory with affiliates worldwide. Provides biological, chemical and physical testing services to the medical device industry, and offers education, consultation and on-site evaluation of customer operations. Bioburden and biocompatibillity testing for nonwovens, produced for medical end uses.
Nelson Laboratories
USA. Independent institution, providing microbiology testing services for the medical device and pharmaceutical industries. Bioburden and biocompatibillity tests for nonwoven medical products. Provides technical information.
New Zealand Wool Testing Authority, Ltd
Independent organization for sampling, testing and quality certification of New Zealand wool fibers. Searchable directory of wool processors and traders, dump stores and shipping companies.
Nottingham Consultants, Ltd
UK. Commercial company of the Nottingham Trent University. Business consultants and services, and organization of short courses and training programs. Color fastness, dimensional stability and physical testing services for the textile industry.
PFI Pirmasens eV
Germany. Non-profit institute for testing and research, active in analytical chemistry, microbiological studies, biotechnology, certification of product and systems, testing equipment and special machinery, and software development. Also, marketing a wide range of testing instruments, materials and equipment. English and German.
Precision Testing Laboratories
USA. Independent testing laboratory, specialised in physical and chemical testing of textiles and nonwovens, apparel, footwear and leather. List of capabilities. Links to related sites.
SGS Group
Switzerland. Multi-national group of laboratories, active in testing, verification and certification of materials and products. Testing and evaluation of natural and synthetic fibers, textile fabrics and waste, and garments.
Tension Technology International, Inc
USA. Multi-national group of consultants specialised in ropes, textiles and marine systems. Design and testing services for fibers, yarns and textile fabrics. Fiber identification guide. Technical textile software. Technical papers on PDF files.
Testex AG
Switzerland. Independent textile testing institute. Chemical analysis, mechanical and electronic testing of fibers, yarns and fabrics, and consulting on ecological management issues. English, German and French.
Testing Services, Inc
USA. Independent testing laboratory for the textile and carpet industries. Detailed list of available services. Also, specialty testing services.
USA. Independent full-service certified laboratory, specialised in testing and evaluation of yarns, textile fabrics and ready-made garments, and nonwoven fabrics and finished products. List of available test methods.
Textil & Läderlaboratoriet AB
Sweden. Independent laboratory for testing and evaluation of interior textiles, footwear, luggage, garments and protective clothing, toys and furniture. Also, product development and technical support services, and educational programs. English and Swedish.
Textile Lab
The Netherlands. Textile testing and certification laboratory, active in textiles, geotechnical products, leather, metal and related materials. List of available services. Links to related sites. English and Dutch.
Textile Testing Institute
Czech Republic. Accredited testing laboratory for fibers, textiles, apparel, geosynthetics, nonwovens, upholstery and toys. Complete list of tests. English and Czech.
Textiles Committee
India. Department of the Indian Ministry of Textiles, involved in testing, quality inspection and certification, and market research and technical consulting services.
Vutch-Chemitex spol sro
Slovakia. Institute for textile and nonwovens testing and chemistry, focused on automobile carpets, textile auxiliaries, textile finishing technologies, and the development of testing methods, standards and testing equipment. Also, technical consultancy services. English and Slovakian.
Wool Research Association
India. Technical consulting, product research and development, quality assurance and testing services institute for the Indian textile industry.
Wool Testing Authority Europe, Ltd
UK. Independent and internationally licensed testing company for wool fleeces, greasy and scoured wool, and wool tops. Also, providers of a full range of custom textile testing services. Technical articles on PDF files. Links to related sites.
USA. Independent commercial wool laboratory specialised in yield and fiber diameter, and textile manufacturing process testing services. Extensive directory of links.
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