This category lists private and public institutions and companies, involved in research and development activities for the composite industry.
Adhesion, Adhesives and Composites Group
UK. Research group within the Imperial College of London, focused on measuring, modelling and predicting the performance of adhesives and bonded joints, components and structures, and the fracture of composite materials. List of publications. Links to related sites.
Advanced Composites Manufacturing Centre
UK. Research and development institute in the University of Plymouth, dedicated to product and process development, testing, design and training for the composites industry. List of publications. Links to related sites.
American Carbon Society
USA. Based at Pennsylvania State University, the American Carbon Society promotes interdisciplinary research and technology in the field of carbon science.
Bangor University
UK. The Bio-composites Centre. Research department, specialising in industrial contract research on the processing of wood and plant materials.
British Composites Society
UK. Composites division in the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining of the University of London, dedicated to education and research. Introduction to composites. List of publications. Calendar of events. Links to standards information and composite related sites.
CCM. Center for Composite Materials
USA. Engineering, research and educational center for composites science and technology, based in the University of Delaware. Interactive learning tools. Lists of current and completed projects, and publications and technical reports. Job opportunities.
Composites Group
UK. The National Physical Laboratory's division dedicated to the development and implementation of standards and test procedures for composites. Also, technical consultancy, and composite design and modelling facilities.
Composites Performance and Design
UK Department of Trade and Industry supported research program, aiming to increase to use of composite materials by improving the understanding of materials behaviour and performance, developing new measurement methods, equipment and standards, providing predictive procedures for composite material response, and providing design methodologies and software.
Institut für Verbundwerkstoffe GmbH
Germany. Non-profit research institute involved in the investigation and development of technical applications and applicabilities of composite materials. Also active in knowledge transfer and education. English and German.
Institute of Plastics Engineering
Germany. Non-profit, industrial research organization, dedicated to applied research, education and training in plastics technologies and processing. Its Fiber Composites Department is active in process engineering and development for practical applications.
International Paramax Committee eV
Non-profit organization for technicians, engineers, designers and craftsmen involved in the manufacturing of stitched true multi-axial fabric, dedicated to support research in the development of composites which incorporate multi-axial fabrics, and the creation of product definition standards, testing methods and product application standards. Description of technology, properties and applications.
Sicomp AB
Sweden. Research and technology institute for fibrous, composite and polymer materials. Also, testing and consulting services. Searchable publications directory. Article archive. List of member and partner companies. Links to related sites. Part of the Swerea Group. English and Swedish.
SYNL. Advanced Carbon Division
China. Research institute within the Chinese Shenyang National Laboratory for Materials Science, focused on the preparation, characterization and application of carbon nanotubes and -fibers, and carbon based composites. English and Chinese.
TITK. Thüringer Institute for Textile and Plastics Research
Germany. Fundamental and applied research and product development in structural and functional polymers, fiber reinforced composites and recycling processes. Detailed descriptions of ongoing projects. List of publications. English and German.
Wright Materials Research Co
USA. Private company, active in government and industry funded research and development projects in composite, polymer, plastics, and nanofiber and tubes science. Description of current projects. List of partners and customers. Job opportunities.
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