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Automated Fabrication Technologies for High-Performance Polymer Composites
Extensive technical paper reviewing new automated fabrication processes for the manufacture of high-performance graphite-fiber reinforced composite structures. Authors: M.J. Stuart and others. [PDF]
Combining Cellulose Fiber and Wollastonite Mineral Fibers into a Nylon-6 Matrix
Technical paper about research aimed at developing a high purity cellulose/wollastonite pellet which can be accurately metered and fed into a laboratory scale twin-screw extruder and compounded with nylon-6 resing to create hybrid composites. Authors: R.E. Jacobson and D.F. Caulfield. [PDF]
Composite Materials
Short article on the different reinforcement structures in the composite industry, and descriptions of the most common polymeric and inorganic fibers in use. From the New Textiles magazine.
Draping of Woven Composites over Irregular Surfaces
Technical paper about research aimed at providing a basis for the development of a drape model, based on the properties of the woven fabric and the mold shape. Authors: S.B. Sharma and M.P.F. Sutcliffe. [PDF]
Dynamic Fracture Toughness of Cellulose Fiber-Reinforced Polypropylene
Technical paper, presenting an investigation into the microstructure of cellulose fiber-reinforced injection molded polypropylene resin. Authors: Graig M. Clemons and others. [PDF]
Economic Opportunities in Natural Fiber - Thermoplastic Composites
Chapter from Science and Technology of Polymers and Advanced Materials, reviewing the economics of producing lignocellulosic fibers for thermoplastic composites. Author: Roger M. Rowell. [PDF]
Environmental Durability of Flax Fibres and their Composites based on Polypropylene Matrix
Technical paper about the environmental degradation behaviour of flax fiber treated for improved moisture and rot sensitivity, for natural fiber reinforced polymer composites. Authors: A. Stamboulis and others. [PDF]
Influence of Natural Fibers on the Phase Transitions in High-Density Polyethylene Composites
Technical paper about the dynamic mechanical analysis method employed to evaluate the performance of kenaf, newsprint, rice hulls and wood flour as source for fiber used in high-density polyethylene composites. Authors: Mehdi Tajvidi and others. [PDF]
Injection Molding of Polypropylene Reinforced with Jute Fibers
Technical paper about the preparation of polypropylene (PP) and jute fibers for composites by an injection molding technique, and an analysis of the resulting properties. Authors: A.C. Karmaker and J.A. Youngquist. [PDF]
Injection-Molded Composites from Kenaf and Recycled Plastic
Technical paper reporting on a study of the commercial uses of kenaf fiber as fillers for composites with impact properties similar to wood-filled composites. Authors: Poo Chow and others. [PDF]
Interfacial Structure and Properties of Wood/Polypropylene Composites
Technical paper about the development of thermoplastic composites utilizing lignocellulosic, low quality hardwood fiber as reinforcing component. Authors: Timothy G. Rials and others. [PDF]
Lyocell Fiber-Reinforced Cellulose Ester Composites
Master of Science thesis on seven separate PDF files, focusing on the manufacturing considerations and properties of cellulose ester composites, reinforced by lyocell fabrics and continuous fiber tow. Author: Indrajit Ghosh.
Mechanical Holding Power of Melt-Blend Boards Made from Recycled Plastic and Kenaf
Technical paper presenting the progress of an on-going research project to demonstrate the viability of using agricultural fibers and recycled plastics in producing thermoplastic composites. Authors: P. Chow and others. [PDF]
Natural Fibre Composites in Structural Components: Alternative Applications for Sisal?
Technical article about the processing techniques and applications of bast, leaf and seed fibers in the composite industry. Author: W.D. Brouwer.
Numerical Constitutive Models of Woven and Braided Textile Structural Composites
Master of Science thesis about equivalent, 3D elastic moduli, determined from unit cell models of balanced plain weave, 2D braid, 2D triaxial braid, and 4x4 twill weave textile composite fabrics consisting of interlaced or intertwined yarns. Author; Nicolas Chretien. [PDF]
Opportunities for Valua-Added Biobased Composites
Technical paper discussing the porential for the increased use of natural fibers in the composites industry by improving its properties and characteristics. Author: Roger M. Rowell. [PDF]
An Overview of Composite Actuators with Piezoceramic Fiber
Technical paper discussing the manufacturing processes, intended applications and relative benefits of four different types of active fiber composite actuators. Authors: R. Brett Williams and Daniel J. Inman. [PDF]
Processing and Evaluation of Cotton Based Composites for Automotive and Other Applications
Master of Science thesis about the development of disposable nonwovens based fiber reinforced composites using cotton, kenaf, flax and biodegradable thermoplastic fibers. Author: Manjeshwar G. Kamath. [PDF]
Properties of Biocomposites Based on Ligno Cellulosic Fillers
Scientific paper analysing the thermal and mechanical behaviour of processed biocomposites, created by extrusion and injection molding a matrix of aromatic co-polyesters and ligno-cellulosic filler material. Authors: L. Averous and F. Le Digabel. [PDF]
Steam Stabilisation of Aspen Fiberboards
Technical paper describing the results of a preliminary study of the various techniques and mechanisms involved in steam stabilisation of resin impregnated wood fiber boards. Authors: Roger Rowell and others. [PDF]
A Study of Nonwoven Composites
Master of Science degree thesis about a comparison of properties between bi-component PP/PE SM (spunbond/meltblown) and SMS (spunbond/meltblown/spunbond) nonwovens, and 100% PP spunbond nonwovens as reinforcement matrixes of composites. Author: Shaker Gaddam. PDF document. [PDF]
Thermoplastics Composites and Processing
Technical paper about thermoplastic, fiber based composites properties, processing and applications. [PDF]
Weathering Characteristics of Fiber-Plastic Composites
Technical paper presented at the fifth International Conference on Woodfiber-Plastic Composites, summarising a 2-year testing program designed to assess the environmental degradation of wheat straw-filled polypropylene and polyethylene composites. Authors: Donna A. Johnson [PDF]
Wood-Polymer Bonding in Extruded and Nonwoven Web Composite Panels
Technical paper comparing the effectiveness of a maleated polypropylene (MAPP) as a coupling agent in extruded wood flour/polypropylene composites, and nonwoven web wood fiber/polypropylene composites. Authors: Andrzej M. Krzysik and others. [PDF]
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