This category lists companies utilizing the dry-laid webforming technology, or for which this technology is their core production technique.
USA. Manufacturers of high-loft waddings for bedding, upholstery and furnishing, from cotton and polyester. Also, foam products. Part of Federal Foam Technologies, Inc.
Austex Bonded Waddings Pty., Ltd
Australia. Manufacturers of thermally bonded waddings for temperature and sound insulation, filtration, ducting, bedding, upholstery and furnishing applications, from polyester and blends with wool. Extensive technical information and product specifications. Material safety sheet on PDF file.
Autex Industries, Ltd
New Zeeland. Waddings for bedding and insulation end uses. Also, needlepunch carpets, quilts and other bedware.
Bonded Fibers Midwest
USA. Manufacturers of air-laid and carded, resin and thermally bonded high-loft nonwovens for quilt batting, filtration and fire retardant insulation applications, from polyester.
Buffalo Batt & Felt Co
USA. Resin and thermally bonded, polyester fiberfill for the upholstery, bedding and textile industries. Also, quilted and plain battings for industrial and craft applications. Part of Leggett and Platt, Inc.
Cardatura Poppi
Italy. Manufacturers of needlepunch and thermobond high-loft waddings for mattress and doll stuffing, and quilt and pillow filling applications, from cotton, wool, silk and polyester. Technical information. English and Italian.
Carlee Corp
USA. Custom made, high-loft fiberfill products for apparel, furnishings and upholstery, filtration, insulation and padding, and mattresses and bedding products, from polyester. Link to FAQ.
Carpenter Co
USA. Diversified multi-national manufacturing company, active in foam products, chemicals, filtration media and nonwovens. Thermal and resin bonded, and needlepunch waddings and composites for bedding, upholstery and apparel applications, from polyester.
Daeyang Industrial Co., Ltd
Korea. Multi-national nonwovens manufacturer with production facilities in Korea, Indonesia and Australia. Fill products for the bedding industry, and needlepunch fabrics for apparel and technical end uses. In-house quilting produces comforters, mattresses and pillows. English and Korean.
Fiberco, Inc
USA. Manufacturers of high-loft and needlepunch nonwoven waddings and battings for quilting, mattress filling and stuffing applications, from cotton, bamboo and polyester.
Fibre Processing Corp
USA. Processors of cotton fiber battings for the bedding and upholstery industries. Also, manufacturers of futons.
Higgins Manufacturing Group, Ltd
Australia. Group of nonwovens manufacturing companies, producing waddings for bedding and insulation end uses from blends of natural and man-made fibers. Also, carpet underlays from recycled waste fibers.
Houloubi Group
Syria. Polyester waddings and fiber balls for filling applications in the bedding, garment and furniture industries. Also, bedsheets, quilts, pillows and spring mattresses, and sleeping bags.
Italy. Manufacturers of a range of high- performance nonwoven thermobonded waddings for mattress padding applications, from natural and man-made fibers and blends. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information. English and Italian.
J.H. Ziegler
Germany. Part of the Paul Hartmann AG Group. Waddings for bedding, upholstery and insulation. Needlepunch fabrics for technical and automotive end uses. English, German and French.
Jones Fiber Products, Inc
USA. Manufacturers of high-loft and thermobonded nonwoven waddings and battings for fire and acoustical bariers, insulation and foam replacement applications in mattresses and home furnishings, from cotton and boron fiber blends. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information. Links to related sites.
MidWest Nonwovens, LLC
USA. Manufacturers of high-loft thermobonded polyester waddings and battings for upholstery, furnishing, mattress and craft applications. Technical information and specifications.
Minet SA
Romania. Group of nonwovens manufacturing companies, specialised in high-loft thermobonded waddings for apparel, bedding, upholstery and industrial applications, from virgin and recycled polyester. Also, polyester staple fiber and ballfibers, needlepunch geotextiles and composites, and recycling of textile wastes. English and Romanian.
Mittet AS
Norway. Diversified textile and nonwovens manufacturing company. High-loft waddings for fillting and insulation applications, from polyester. Also, knitted pile fabrics, carpet tiles and quilted goods. Commission quilting services for apparel and bedding industries. English, Norwegian and Lithuanian.
Mountain Mist
USA. Manufacturers of natural fiber needlepunch batting, fiberfill and pillow forms for the quilting and craft trade. Also, quilt pattern books. Description of the quilt making process. Links to related sites.
Pan-Pacific Co., Ltd
Korea. Diversified multi-national group of textile and nonwovens manufacturing companies. Polyester waddings for filling and insulation applications. Also, bedding and home textiles, ready-made garments, and processors of duck and goose feather and down.
Peacock Fibres, Ltd
UK. Manufacturers of high-loft waddings for filling applications in the craft industry, from polyester, cotton, kapok and spruce woodwool. Also, flocked and fur fabrics, and recycling of textile waste products.
Poly Products, LLC
Oman. Diversified manufacturing company, active in furniture, mattresses, bedding products, contract furnishing and nonwovens. Polyester thermobond waddings for upholstery, bedding and furnishing applications.
Quilters Dream Batting
USA. Manufacturers of cotton, wool and polyester battings and stuffings for the quilting industry. Extensive technical information. Directory of on-line quilt shops. Links to related sites.
Salteks AS
Turkey. Waddings and thermobond nonwovens for the bedding and furniture industries, and fashion end uses. Needlepunch felts for industrial and automotive purposes.
Structured Fibres, Inc
Usa. Manufacturers of vertically crosslapped nonwoven polyester fiberfill and waddings for upholstery, bedding, carpet underlays and filtration applications.
Superior Fibers, Inc
USA. Custom engineered, air filtration media and paint arrestors, from high-loft glassfiber waddings.
Taixing Fiber Products Co., Ltd
China. Spay bonded waddings for filling applications, from cotton. Also, washed cotton for toy and furnishings stuffing. English and Chinese.
Thermore Group
Italy. Multi-national group of companies, involved in the design, development and manufacture of proprietary technology high-loft, compact, and super- and ultra-compact nonwoven thermal insulation products for outerwear and performace wear applications. Technical information. Multi-lingual site.
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