This category lists nonwovens manufacturers which utilize the thermobond technology as their sole or primary production method.

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AB Tec GmbH
Germany. Manufacturers of thermobond adhesive fabrics and tapes for the automotive, filtration, footwear, luggage and bags, and furniture industries, from polyamide, polyester and polyolefin. English and German.
Bezci Tekstil Sanayi AS
Turkey. Versatile textile and nonwovens manufacturing company. Woven and nonwoven interlinings for the garment industry. Thermobond fabrics for lining and quilting, wipes and coverstock, from polypropylene. Also, polypropylene fibers for the textile and nonwovens industries. English and Turkish.
Bondex, Inc
USA. Manufacturers of carded, flat and point bonded nonwovens for cleaning, insulation, pipe wrapping and filtration applications, from viscose, polyester, polypropylene, high-performance fibers and blends. Part of Andrew Industries, Ltd.
Dern Lin Textile Co., Ltd
Taiwan. Diversified textile and nonwovens manufacturers. Thermobond fabrics for luggage and bags, from polyester. Also, warp and circular knitted fabrics for apparel, sports wear, footwear and fashion accessories. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information. English and Chinese.
Don & Low, Ltd
UK. Manufacturers of woven and nonwoven industrial fabrics, geotextiles and floorcoverings. Thermobond, nonwoven fabrics for a variety of industrial end uses.
FirstRoll Co., Ltd
Hong Kong. Powder and thermo dot bonded, fusible and non-fusible nonwoven fabrics for garment interlining applications, from polyester and EVA. Also, knitted and weft inserted linings, from polyamide.
Hassan Group
Turkey. Diversified group of manufacturing companies, active in textiles, nonwovens, information technology and automotive components. Thermobond nonwovens for hygiene and apparel interlining. English and Turkish.
HKJ Enterprises Co., Ltd
China. Manufacturers of thermobonded non-woven fabrics for filtration, electrical insulating materials, cable wrapping, substrates for flocking, wet wipes and fusible interlinings, from cotton and polyester. Technical information. English and Chinese.
HKJ Enterprises Co., Ltd
China. Manufacturers of thermobonded nonwoven and dot coated fabrics for fusible interlining applications, from viscose, polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), acrylic, polyester, polyethylene, polypropylene en polyamide. Also, thermobonded embroidery backings and needlepunch nonwoven, woven and knitted fabrics, and custom laminating services. English and Chinese.
Jeong Hwan Corp
Korea. Nonwoven, hot-melt adhesive fabrics for industrial laminating end uses. English and Korean.
Meida Europe
Denmark. Design and manufacture of chemical free and non-allergic, breathable, wind- and waterproof nonwoven thermal insulation waddings for outerwear, bedding, footwear and sleeping bags, from polypropylene microfiber. Technical information and specifications, and care guide.
Nuqul Group
Jordan. Diversified group of companies, active in paper and tissues, nonwovens, meat, aluminium profiles, plastics and packaging, concrete, foam and stationery. Carded and thermobonded nonwoven fabrics for coverstock and medical disposables, from polypropylene and viscose blends. Technical information. Links to group companies.
Powell, LLC
USA. Dry-laid, thermally bonded reinforcement fabrics, and substrates for electrical insulating materials, pressure sensitive tapes and filtration membranes, from polyester fibers. Also, custom lamination and calendering services. Detailed material specifications in PDF file format.
PT Megah Megalon Industries
Indonesia. Manufacturers of thermally bonded, coated and uncoated interlining fabrics for the apparel, footwear and leather goods industries.
PT Megah Sembada Industries
Indonesia. Thermobonded fabrics for garment interlining, diaper and sanitary napking applications. Also, woven interling fabrics, and one ply tissue converting services.
Speritex SpA
Italy. Manufacturers of thermobonded nonwoven roll foods for filtration media in paint spray, HVAC and industrial applications. Also, ready-made pocket and bag filters, and ancillary products. Technical information on PDF files. English and Italian.
Textile Products, Ltd
Turkey. Woven, knitted and nonwoven, fusible and non-fusible interlining fabrics for the garment industry. Also, needlepunch collar felt, and tapes and waistbands. Detailed product catalogs. English and Turkish.
United Saudi Co
Saudi Arabia. Manufacturers of carded and thermobonded nonwoven fabrics for coverstock and hygiene disposable, industrial, wiping, and medical, domestic and commercial cleaning applications, from hydrophobic and hydrophilic polypropylene, and blends with cotton and viscose. Part of the Shairco Group. English and Arabic.
US Nonwovens Corp
USA. Manufacturers of nonwoven fabrics and substrates for sanitary disposables, apparel interlining and embroidery backing, filtration, acoustical wrappings and geotextile applications. Also, wipes, soap pads and dryer sheets.
Xinyu Nonwoven Co., Ltd.
China. Carded and thermobonded fabrics for garment interlining and industrial applications, from polyester. viscose, cotton and blends. Custom coloring, embroidery and laminating services. Part of the Timbering Group. English and Chinese.
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