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Application of Polypropylene Nonwoven Beds in Reducing Oil Concentrations In Emulsions
Technical paper examining the process of oil emulsion sorption by sorptive beds made of polypropylene nonwovens for applications in oil separators for the treatment of industrial wastewaters and rain waters. Authors: J. Kaluzka and M. Lebiedowski. [PDF]
The Bonding Durability of Sorbent Particles
Presentation of a newly developed method for the evaluation of the bonding durability of sorbent particles to meltblown composite nonwovens. Author: C. Nowicka. [PDF]
Cotton for Nonwovens - A Technical Guide
Extensive technical article on cotton in relation to its use in the nonwovens industry. Crop growing, ginning and classification. Properties, chemistry and morphology. Nonwoven production processes and cotton fiber selection and use. Diagrams and tables. From Cotton, Inc.
Development of Bi-Component Meltblown Fiber Nonwovens
Concise report on an experiment with meltblown bi-component splittable fibers in order to obtain a submicron fiber web, through the use of hydroentanglement technology. From the TANDEC web site. Authors: Christine Sun and Dong Zhang.
Dust Explosion Hazard in Certain Textile Processes.
In-depth article on the potential dangers inherent in the flocking process, and the preventive measures that should be observed. From OSHA.
Improvements in Compressional Properties of High-Lofts
Technical paper about a laboratory test to evaluate the compressional recovery properties of a high-loft nonwoven web created with new types of matrix fibers and bi-component fibers. Authors: Oldrich Jirzak and others. [PDF]
An Investigation of the Radiative Heat Transfer Through Nonwoven Fibrous Materials
Technical paper investigating the effect of the thickness of a nonwoven material on radiative heat penetration and transfer. Authors: Imad Qashou and others. [PDF]
More Wool Gatherings: Felt
Short essay about the history and technique of making felt fabric from wool.
Multifunctional Fibres for Air-laid and Dry-laid Applications
Paper presented at the Edana 2000 Nonwovens Symposium, dealing with the global capacity and historic sales of air-laid thermobond nonwovens, and new developments in bicompionent fibers for the air-laid nonwovens industry. Author: Niels K. Christensen.
Nonwovens Science and Technology
A introduction to the nonwovens industry, originally created by Prof. Kermit Duckett and students at the University of Tennessee, and currently maintained by Prof. Larry Wadworth. Extensive descriptions of fibers and materials, web formation technologies, finishing and bonding techniques, nonwoven geotextiles, and testing methods.
Optimising Paper Machine Felt Change Schedules
Technical paper presenting a stochastic dynamic programming model for determining a felt replacement policy that minimizes the cost of felt and down time in paper machine machines. Author: Caterine L. Hicks. [PDF]
Progress in Meltblowing Thermoplastic Polyurethane
Short article about research into the manufacture of meltblown thermoplastic polyurethanes for possible protection barriers for military applications. Author: Larry C. Wadsworth.
Resistance of Carbon and Active Carbon Precursor Nonwovens
Technical paper about the development of active carbon nonwovens from regenerated cellulose as electrode material for electrical capacitors. Authors: Romualda Cislo and others. [PDF]
Simulation and Analysis of Unbonded Nonwoven Fibrous Structures
Technical paper, reporting on a novel algorithm for generating three-dimensional virtual structures resembling unbonded nonwoven fibrous webs made from short and infinitely long fibers. Authors: Behnam Pourdeyhimi and others. [PDF]
Spacial Variation of Nonwovens Surface Density
Short paper describing planar anisotropy and other structural characteristics of nonwovens, based on the random field theory and spatial autocorrelation devices. Authors: Jiri Militky and others. [PDF]
Stitch-Bonded-Hydroentangled Nonwoven Composites
Description of manufacturing process, structural characteristics, and properties and applications of innovative nonwoven composites, made with stitchbond and spunlace fabrics. Authors: Elke Schmalz, Hilmar Fuchs, Margot Brodtka and Jochen Schreiber.
Tensile Behaviour of Low Density Thermally Bonded Nonwoven Material
Technical paper presenting the results of uniaxial tensile tests on a low density thermally bonded nonwoven to investige the effects of specimen size, shape factors and cyclic tensile loading conditions on deformational behaviour and performance of the nonwoven at different loading stages. Authors: Xiaonan Hou and others. [PDF]
Tomographic Approaches to Nonwoven Structure Definition
Description of a National Textile Center (NTC) project in collaboration with various laboratories, aiming to develop a new technology permitting the visualization and quantification of the three dimensional structure of thick nonwoven fabrics of arbitrary density, based on tomography. Authors: T. Gilmore and others. [PDF]
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