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The Airlaid Manufacturing Process
Concise description of the various stages in the manufacturing process of airlaid nonwovens. Adapted from the Airlaid Pulp Nonwoven Primer, published by INDA. [PDF]
Competence Center Nonwovens
Germany. Commercial nonwovens and technical textiles innovation center, based in the Sachsischer Textilforschungsinstitut eV, and focused on development and knowledge transfer, consulting, and pilot plant, testing and evaluation services for small and medium sized nonwovens companies. PDF brochure.
CTT Group
Canada. Technical resource and service center for the textile, nonwovens, geotextile and polymer industries, active in research and development, testing and technology transfer. Technology news. Links to related sites. English and French.
Fraunhofer Gesellschaft
Germany. Group of institutes involved in applied polymer research. Contract research for the textiles, nonwovens and papermaking industries. English and German.
The Herty Advanced Materials Development Center
USA. Non-profit, independent, contract research and development organization, active in papermaking, nonwovens and natural, non-wood fibers.
Nonwovens Network
UK. Non-profit, cooperative membership organization, dedicated to the discussion and transfer of innovations and developments in the nonwovens industry. List of events. Members directory. Business related news.
Nonwovens Research Group
UK. University of Leeds. Applied research on the formation of nonwoven structures, characterizaion of properties, and development of process technologies and methods. Shockwave plug-in.
News, events, and links for the global nonwovens industry. Detailed facts about nonwovens markets, technology and companies. From Nonwovens Markets.
Southeast Nonwovens, Inc
USA. Independent contract research and technology development for the nonwovens and specialty papermaking industries. Bench and pilot scale manufacturing facilities. Links to industry sites.
TANDEC. Textiles and Nonwovens Development Center
USA. Cooperative project, sponsored by industry and the University of Tennessee to provide research, education and training for the world wide textile and nonwovens industries.
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