This category lists companies which have the pleating technology as their sole, nonwoven related, manufacturing process.
Ahuja Felts
India. Pressed felts in rolls and sheets for industrial applications, from wool. Also, felt cords and dusters. Custom die cutting, and coating, laminating and impregnation services.
Asian Resinated Felt Sdn. Bhd.
Malaysia. Manufacturers of phenolic powder resinated felts for thermal and acoustic insulation applications, from blends of man-made and natural fibers. Description of production process. Part of the Talan Corporation Berhad.
Brand Felt, Ltd
Canada. Pressed felts for craft, home and industrial end-uses. Also, suppliers of cork, rubber, foam and neoprene in roll stock, yardage and custom cut delivery.
British Felt Co
UK. Manufacturers and converters of pressed felts for a wide variety of industrial applications, from wool. Also, suppliers of adhesive tapes. Custom die cutting services. Descriptions of manufacturing process, materials and uses.
Code Felt, Ltd
Canada. Pressed wool felts for crafts, medical, industrial, automotive and apparel end uses, from blends of wool and rayon fiber.
Filzfabrik Schwabach GmbH
Germany. Pressed felt fabrics for industrial and home end uses. English and German.
Hardy & Hanson, Ltd
UK. Suppliers of woollen and synthetic pressed felts and industrial felt products for a range of industries and uses. Details of products and services, and company profile.
Kin-Cheng Felt Co., Ltd
China. Manufacturers of pressed felt fabrics for industrial applications and consumer goods converting. Custom fire retardant finishing services.
Nippon Muki Group
Japan. Diversified group of manufacturing companies, active in air cleaning products, battery separators and inorganic applied products. Pressed felts for thermal and acoustic insulation applications, from ultra-fine glass fiber. Also, glass fiber wool and papers. English and Japanese.
Textil Olius SA
Spain. Manufacturers of pressed felts for apparel, decoration, orthopaedic and industrial applications, from wool. Part of the Fytisa Group. English and Spanish.
Thaker Felts Pvt., Ltd
India. Manufacturers of white, grey and colored woollen felts in roll and sheet form. Also, felt wheels, cut parts and mounts, and woven felts. Technical specifications. Description of production process.
US Felt Mfg. Co., Inc
USA. Custom contract manufacture of nonwoven felt fabrics and products for filtration, insulation, sealing and a variety of industrial and consumer products applications, from virgin and recycled fibers. On-line monthly production schedule.
Zircar Zirconia, Inc
USA. Fibrous zirconia materials. Mechanically interlocked felt fabrics for thermal insulation, battery separators, chemical and gas filtration and additional high-tech applications, from yttria stabilized zirconia fibers. Extensive technical documentation, product specifications, and descriptions of properties and characteristics. Link to material safety data sheets.
√Čtablissements Laoureux
France. Manufacturers of pressed and custom finished felts and felt products for piano and industrial applications, from wool. Technical information and specifications. English, French and Chinese.
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