This category lists manufacturers of calendering machinery and equipment only.

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Chiefwell Enginerring Co., Ltd
Taiwan. Design and manufacture of calenders for thermobonding, laminating and finishing applications in the textile, nonwovens, plastics and hotmelt coating industries. Also, calender rollers, and polymer film and sheet extrusion lines. Detailed machine catalogs, including technical information and specifications.
Comerio Ercole Spa
Italy. Machinery for the textile, nonwovens, rubber and plastics industries. Calenders for thermobonding, gauging, laminating, glazing and configuratiob of nonwovens fabrics. Also, suppliers of complete spunbond and thermobond lines. Password protected customer area. English, Italian, German, French and Spanish.
Dongwon Roll Co., Ltd
Korea. Design and manufacture of calenders and rolls for the papermaking, nonwovens, textile and polymer film industries. Detailed product catalogs. Multi-lingual site.
Dr. Collin GmbH
Germany. Design, development and manufacture of machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber, film and web based industries. Calenders in L, F, I or Z configuration for embossing, finishing and laminating of polymer films, textiles and nonwovens. Also, plastic extruders, complete extrusion lines and auxiliary equipment. Library of technical articles. Technical information and machine specifications on PDF files. English and German.
Eck Haubold & Laxmi
India. Manufacturers of custom engineered cotton and paper bowls and squeeze rollers for the textile, paper and steel industries. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information, FAQ and specifications. Product brochures on PDF files.
Guangyu Embossing Roller Co., Ltd
China. Manufacturers of laser engraved embossing rollers for nonwoven thermobonding processes, and plastics, paper and leather finishing applications. Also, mirror, dryer, calender and printing rollers, and complete embossing, calendering and take-up winding systems. Technical information. English and Chinese.
The Holyoke Machine Co
USA. Manufacturers of calenders and embossers for the textile, nonwovens, papermaking and polymer film converting and finishing industries. Also, rolls, laminating systems, and refurbishment of existing machinery.
Jagenberg AG
Germany. Design and manufacture of modular machinery and complete plants for the plastics, textile and nonwovens industries. Conventional and proprietary design calenders for the nonwovens industry. English and German.
Klieverik Heli BV
The Netherlands. Design and manufacture of stand-alone units and complete systems for transfer printing, laminating and thermobonding of textile and nonwoven fabrics. Part of the Gerritse Systems Group.
Kuesters GmbH
Germany. Machinery for the textile, papermaking and nonwovens industries. Thermobonding calenders for the nonwovens industry. Also, winders, slitters and wrapping equipment.
USA. Machine manufacturers, active in the nonwovens, textile, plastics and papermaking industries. Calenders, precision and heat transfer rolls for the nonwovens industry. Also, automated assembly and material handling systems.
Officina Meccanica Beta SpA
Italy. Design, development and manufacture of tensionless impregnation padders, calenders and accumulators for woven and nonwoven fabrics. Also, fabric stretching systems, self cleaning filters and washing plants. Technical information. Brochures on PDF files. English and Italian.
Richard Hough, Ltd
UK. Calender rolls for the textile, nonwovens and papermaking industries. Custom manufactured rolls for stenters, pad mangles and dyeing, and textile and nonwovens finishing processes. Also, refurbishing of existing rolls.
Saueressig GmbH
Germany. Multi-national group of machinery manufacturers. Package, flexographic, decorative and textile printing cylinders. Hot embossing calenders for the nonwovens industry. Also, engineering, design, and research and development services. Multi-lingual site.
Tokuden, Inc
Japan. Manufacturer of heat transfer rolls for calendering, laminating, coating, seasoning and stretching, for the textile and nonwovens industries. Well designed site with lots of technical, product specific information.
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