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Without the great efforts of machine and equipment manufacturers, to provide the nonwovens industry with innovative solutions in order to improve production efficiency and versatility, we would probably all still be producing carpet underlays. The financial and intellectual investments put into the mechanics of making nonwovens, have made the growth of the nonwovens industry into one of the most dynamic and sophisticated industries a fact of today's life. This category lists nonwovens machinery and auxiliary equipment manufacturers only.

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ABK Group
France. Design and manufacture of machinery and equipment for the papermaking and nonwovens industries. Web forming systems and accessories for spunlace nonwovens. Links to partner companies.
Atron Sro
Czech Republic. Diversified manufacturing and trading company, active in textile raw materials and products, and nonwovens technology. Vertical crosslapping technology for the nonwovens industry. Description of process and applications. English and Czech.
Autefa Solutions Germany GmbH
Germany. Development, engineering and manufacture of industrial logistics and automation solutions. Autamatic handling, packing and storage systems for staple fibers, and filament bobbin production and yarn texturing systems. Crosslappers, web cutting and winding, fiber reclamation, and handling and storage systems for the nonwovens industry. Part of the Dilo Systems Group. English and German.
Bergi Group
Italy. Group of machinery manufacturing companies, active in the design and manufacture of machinery for the papermaking, textile, nonwovens, and leather tanning and processing industries. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information. Brochures on PDF files. English and Italian.
Bettarini & Sefarini Srl
Italy. Design and manufacture of opening and blending machinery, and computerised high-speed cards and air forming systems for the nonwovens industry. Also, sales of pre-owned machinery. Extensive technical information. English and Italian.
Campen Machinery A/S
Denmark. Diversified machinery company, active in the textile, nonwovens, carpet and glass fiber processing industries. Design, manufacture and turnkey delivery of a range of winders and unwinders, accumulators, foam application systems, inspection and packaging machines, and auxiliary equipment for the nonwoven industry. Detailed machine catalogs, providing technical information. List of world wide agents. Part of the Varo Group. English and German.
Dan-Webforming International AS
Denmark. Complete turnkey installation of low maintenance, proprietary technology airlaid webforming systems for nonwoven absorbent core manufacturing processes. Pilot plant facilities.
Dimatra SA
Mexico. Design, development and manufacture of converting, calendering and coating and laminating machinery for the paper, nonwovens and plastic film industries. Also, pilot line systems and custom machinery. Detailed machine catalogs. Technical information and specifications on PDF files. English and Spanish.
Diversified Textile Machinery Corp
USA. Design and manufacture of fiber preparation and feeding, carding, crosslapping and winding machinery for the nonwovens industry. Pillow blowing, filtration and waste reclaim systems. Also, consulting services on machine layout, design and development of specific applications.
ERKO Textilmaschinen GmbH
Germany. Machinery and equipment for the nonwovens and yarn spinning industries. Fiber opening, blending and preparation systems. Webforming, carding and crosslapping machinery, and automated control systems. Detailed catalogs, with technical descriptions and drawings. On-line software downloads. Links to related sites. English and German.
Exclusivas Te-Pa SA
Spain. Design and manufacture of drying, coating, impregnating, laminating, embossing and thermobonding calenders and machinery for the technical textile and nonwovens industries. Also, open width textile dyeing and finishing machinery. Multi-lingual site.
Falubaz SA
Poland. Diversified manufacturing company, active in machinery, environmental engineering and metal working. Blowroom equipment, fiber opening and preparation, feeding and carding systems for yarn spinning and nonwovens production. English, Polish and German.
Formfiber Denmark ApS
Denmark. Design and manufacture of patented air-laid webforming technology, fiber opening and mixing systems, and cutting zone technology. Pilot facility available. On-line demonstration videos.
Glens Falls Interweb, Inc
USA. Custom machinery for the nonwovens and paper industries. Engineered equipment and systems, utilizing wet laid forming, saturating, and hydro-entangling techniques for the production of food grade, filter media, pulp and paper, fiberglass mat, and insulating products.
Grimm Schirp GS Technologie GmbH
Germany. Design, development and manufacture of machinery and turnkey plants for mechanical, thermal and chemical bonding, and precision finishing of nonwovens. Also, models, and molding and cutting tools for nonwovens based composites. English and German.
Hairun Textile Machinery Co., Ltd
China. Design and manufacture of air-laid carding systems, crosslappers, needle looms, calenders and hot-air fixing tunnels for the nonwoven industry. Also, complete plants for the production of artificial leather base cloth. Detailed machine catalogs, including technical specifications. English and Chinese.
Innovent Corp
USA. Design, development and manufacture of systems and parts for the semiconductor, aerospace and nonwovens industries. Web collection systems for flat and three-dimensional air-laid, spunbond and meltblown technologies. Technical information and specifications.
Karl Mayer Textilmaschinen GmbH
Germany. Specialty machinery manufacturers, specialised in knitting and weaving, and nonwoven stitchbonding machinery. English and German.
Oerlikon Neumag
Austria. Multi-national group of companies, involved in the design, development and manufacture of machinery and complete plants for web forming, carding, crosslapping and needlepunching, and spun- and air-laid, and meltblown nonwoven production. Also, staple fiber production plants, festooning systems, and spinning frames for bulk continuous carpet yarns. Detailed machine catalogs, including technical information.
Italy. Design and manufacture of fiber opening, blending and feeding systems for the textile and nonwovens industries. Technical information. List of world wide agents. Multi-lingual site.
Pallmann Maschinenfabrik GmbH
Germany. Design and manufacture of size reduction systems for wood, plastics, chemicals, fiber, food products and feed stuff, and recycling processes. Technical information and specifications. English and German.
Canada. Design and manufacture of ovens, furnaces, dryers and web converting systems. Coating, winding, drying, embossing and thermal oxidizing machinery for the textile, nonwovens, paper, plastics and composite industries. Component and turn-key systems installation.
Qingdao Textile Machinery Works
China. Design and manufacture of nonwoven machinery. Opening, blending and feeding lines. Carding systems and crosslappers. Card clothing equipment and accessories. Also, needlepunch nonwovens for industrial applications. English and Chinese.
Ramcon-Fiberlok, Inc
USA. Non-phenolic powdered resin bonding technology for nonwovens. The company licenses the know-how and supplies the resin and machinery for its patented technology.
Rando Machine Corp
USA. Manufacturers of fiber opening, blending and feeding machinery and equipment, and air-laid webforming systems. Custom design services. Also, upgrading and refurbishing of existing machinery.
Robotic Technology Systems PLC
UK. Group of companies involved in integrated automation solutions for scientific, environmental, manufacturing and process applications. Design, development and manufacture of automation, software and robotic solutions for the polymer, man-made fiber and yarns, nonwovens, coating and laminating, and composites industries.
Smart Machine Technologies, Inc
USA. Design and manufacture of custom developed industrial machinery and equipment. Coating, curing, web guiding and inspection, and winding systems for the textile and nonwovens industries.
Spinnbau GmbH
Germany. Development and manufacture of single and double doffer, random, specialty tandem and airlay carding systems for the nonwovens industry. On-line resume submission. Part of the Dilo Group. English and German.
Tex-Nology Srl
Italy. Design and manufacture of fiber-optics controlled precision crosslapper for the nonwovens industry. Detailed technical specifications. English and Italian.
Czech Republic. Design and manufacture of glass fiber winding machinery, and nonwoven glassfiber mat production lines. Also, air texturizing machines for glassfiber yarns, and glass container palletizers. Multi-lingual site.
Uenoyama Kiko Co., Ltd
Japan. Design and manufacture of air-through and convection dryers, winders and accumulators, rotary printing and dispersion dot coating machinery, and calenders for nonwoven processing and finishing applications. Technical information and machine specifications. English and Japanese.
Wiessner GmbH
Germany. Design and manufacture of automated process air, heat and waste disposal systems for the textile, nonwovens, paper, food and beverages, confectionery and tobacco industries. Detailed product information. List of trade events. English and German.
William Tatham, Ltd
UK. Machinery and equipment for the textile and nonwovens industries. Fiber preparation and feeding machines, cards and webforming systems for the nonwovens industry. Company offers customers the use of a trial and sampling pilot plant.
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