Advanced Fiber Nonwovens
USA. Wet-laid fabrics for reinforcement in composites, electromagnetic shielding and friction applications, from a variety of high-performance fibers. Part of the Hollingsworth and Vose group.
Ahlstrom Corp
USA. Engineered web materials for life science, liquid, air and food filtration, membrane substrates, and absorbent and technical products, from glass fiber, high purity cellulose, polyester, vegetable fibers and composites thereof. Custom design and manufacturing, and converting and laminating services.
Bontex, Inc
USA. Development and manufacture of wet-laid, impregnated, coated and uncoated nonwoven substrates for footwear, visorboard, electronic, luggage and fashion accessory applications, from virgin and recycled cellulose fiber. Detailed materials catalogs, including technical specifications and information.
C-Airlaid Company
Russia. Manufacturers of air-laid nonwovens for hygiene and medical, filtration, cleaning, food products and packaging applications. English and Russian.
Concert Industries Ltd
Canada. Air-laid nonwovens for hygiene, baby care, firltration media, medical and home products. Resin and thermal bonding, and spunlace technologies. Extensive product specifications and description of air-laid production technology. English, German and French.
Consolidated Fiber Glass Products Co
USA. Wet-laid fabrics for the roofing, construction and filtration media industries, from glass fiber. Detailed specifications, and MSDS sheets. Part of Consolidated Fiberglass Products Co.
Crane Nonwovens
USA. Design and manufacture of wet-laid, resin and thermobonded nonwovens for composite, filtration, electronic and electrical, and general industrial applications, from glass, polymer and natural fibers. Detailed product information, including technical specifications. Links to trade events. Part of Crane and Co, Inc.
James Cropper Plc
UK. Diversified company, active in paper, nonwovens and converting. Wet laid veils and mats for insulation, separation, conduction and protection in a range of technical market applications, from high-performance fibers. Custom development and manufacturing services. Extensive technical information.
Keratech Group
Czech Republic. Group of manufacturing companies, active in nonwovens and refractory products. Wet-laid nonwoven fabrics for insulation, battery separation, and air and liquid filtration applications, from glass and silicum microfiber. Technical specifications on PDF files. English and Russian.
Knowlton Specialty Papers, Inc
USA. Specialty papermakers and nonwovens manufacturers. Wet-laid nonwovens and filled composites for industrial substrates, filtration, medical, molding absorbent and automotive applications.
Italy. Single- and multi-layered, air-laid nonwovens for hygiene disposables, packaging, cleaning and filtration applications, from pulp, and polyester and polypropylene bonding fibers. Links to partner companies. Technical specifications on ZIP files. English and Italian.
McAirlaid's Vliesstoffe GmbH
Germany. Patented air-laid, absorbent nonwoven composite fabrics for the hygiene disposables, medical and food packaging industries.
Neenah Lahnstein GmbH
Germany. Manufacturers of synthetic fiber papers, and impregnated specialty papers and nonwovens for industrial uses and the graphic arts industry. Biocompatible wet-laid nonwovens for functional and hygiene applications. Also, nonwoven substrates for wallpapers. Part of Fibermark, Inc. English and German.
Neu Kaliss Spezialpapier GmbH
Germany. Wet-laid paper and nonwovens for hygiene, personal care and medical applications. Site in multiple languages.
Qiaohong New Materials Co., Ltd
China. Diversified group of manufacturing companies, active in nonwovens, sugar and manufacturing. Air-laid nonwovens for medical, hygiene disposable and cleaning applications. English and Chinese.
Qixing Nonwovens Co., Ltd
China. Diversified manufacturing company, active in machinery, papermaking and nonwovens. Air-laid nonwovens for coverstock, filtration, table cloth, apparel and industrial applications. Also, activated carbon fiber sheets for medical purposes. English and Chinese.
Rexcell Tissue & Airlaid AB
Sweden. Manufacturers of latex and thermobonded air-laid nonwovens for table top and hygiene applications. Part of Duni AB.
Royalin Nonwovens GmbH
Germany. Wet-laid fabrics for filtration, coating technologies, construction, and industrial applications, from viscose, polyester, polyamide, polyacryl, glassfiber and blends. English and German.
Technical Fibre Products, Ltd
UK. Wet-laid specialty nonwoven fabrics for fire protection, composites, reinforcement, insulation and medical applications, from a wide variety of mineral and man-made, high performance fibers. Custom converting, coating and printing services. List of world wide agents. Part of James Cropper PLC.
Werstern Nonwovens, Inc
USA. Random air-laid and carded waddings and needlepunch fabrics for industrial and domestic applications, filtration media, insulation and technical uses.
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