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Development of a Weaving Machine and 3D Woven Spacer Fabric Structures for Lightweight Composite Materials
Doctoral thesis about the development of a weaving loom and structuring elements for the manufacture of three-dimensional spacer fabrics for light weight composites, and structures of spacer fabrics. Author: Said Sobhey Badawi. [PDF]
Device for Measuring Sliding Friction on Highloft Nonwovens
Technical paper, describing a novel instrument to measure sliding friction of high-loft nonwoven waddings and foam rubber, which elminates the contribution of the deformation of the substrate and provides true sliding friction coefficients. Author: Stephen Michielson. [PDF]
Introduction to a Cotton Gin
Comprehensive illustrated introduction to the principles, construction and proper operation of cotton ginning machinery, published by the US National Cotton Ginners Association (NCGA). [PDF]
Mathematical Model of a Mechatronic Pinch-Type Gripper for Textiles
Technical paper describing the dynamics of a computer controlled pinch-type gripper for garment factory automation processes, and presenting the results of calculations illustrating textile materials' reaction to gripper action. Author: Kinga Stasik. [PDF]
New Developments in Cotton Ginning
Paper presented at the 76th Plenary Meeting of the International Cotton Advisory Committee (ICAC), providing a history of the invention and development of the cotton gin, and an overview of current developments in saw gin and roller gin technologies. Author: M.K. Sharma. [PDF]
Pneumatic Loom for Leno Weaves with Rotary Mechanism Forming the Shed and Beating-up the Weft
Technical paper presenting a novel concept of a rotary shed forming and weft beating-up mechanism for pneumatic weaving looms, with an electromagneric guide needle bar driving device. Authors: Kazimierz Kopias and Zbigniew Kossowski. [PDF]
Temperature Control of the On-line Rheological Sensor
Master of Science thesis presenting an exploration into methods to control the temperature of on-line rheological sensor blocks to help maintain a constant polymer viscosity, and methods in which the sensor can be used as a feedback control device for a meltblowing line during processing. Author: Larry Scott Spencer. [PDF]
Theoretical Investigation of Separator Units in Saw-Gin Machines
Technical paper, outlining a theoretical study for the investigation of the performance of a saw-gin type cotton ginning machine with special reference to separator units. Authors: Erdem Koc and Oguz Demiryurek. [PDF]
Torsional Properties and Structure/Property Relations in High-Performance Fibers
NTC report on continuing research into the development and application of new generation testing instruments for the measuring of micro torsion of high-performance fibers. Authors: Michael S. Ellison and others. [PDF]
Web Spreading
Basic tutorial about the operating principles and applications of driven or idle spreader rolls in the film, foil, textile and nonwovens converting industry. From Converter Accessory Corp. Author: Jeff Damour. [PDF]
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