This category lists dealers in pre-owned circular and flat bed knitting machinery and parts.

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Amertrade Export Corp
USA. Machine trading company, involved in the sourcing, sale, purchase and brokerage of new, pre-owned and refurbished circular knitting machinery, laboratory equipment, machine components and parts, and complete manufacturing plants. Also, plant liquidation services.
AS Knitting Machines, Ltd
Turkey. Dealers in pre-owned knitting machines. Detailed list of available machinery. English and Turkish.
Cumins Machinery Corp
USA. Traders in pre-owned and fully reconditioned warp knitting machinery and parts. Also, warping equipment and beams. Short description of warp knitting technology.
D & S International, Inc
USA. Dealers in pre-owned warp and weft insertion knitting machinery and parts. Also, warpers, and beam handling and fabric inspection equipment. Also, reconditioned and re-engineered machinery.
Filippini Srl
Italy. World wide traders in pre-owned single and double jersey circular knitting machines, parts and accessories. Detailed machine catalogs, including technical information and specifications.
Galiotto Marcello
Italy. Traders in pre-owned and embroidery, and reconditioned flat bed knitting machines. Detailed machine catalogs. Multi-lingual site.
Germannex Maschinenhandel GmbH
Germany. Traders of pre-owned braiding and rope making machinery. Links to related sites. English and German.
John Williams Textile Machinery Sales
UK. Used textile machinery sales. Second hand knitting machinery including Stoll, Shima Seiki, Wildt Mellor Bromley, Bentley and Mecmor.
Germany. Traders in pre-owned flat and circular knitting machinery and spare parts. Detailed machine catalogs. Multi-lingual site.
Mayer & Cie.
Germany. Sellers of reconditioned circular knitting machines and parts. Part of Mayer GmbH. English and German.
Nestel GmbH
Germany. Suppliers of a range of reconditioned flat bed and circular knitting machinery and auxiliary equipment. Technical information. Multi-lingual site.
Shamikh Textile Machinery
UK. Suppliers of a range of pre-owned flat bed and circular knitting machines. Technical information and machine specifications.
Textilia B.V.
The Netherlands. Dealer of Stoll CMS and Universal 7xx and 8xx reconditioned knitting machines.
France. Dalers in pre-owned tricot and raschel warp knitting machines, warpers, beams and accessories. Extensive lists of available machinery.
Weber GmbH
Germany. Suppliers of refurbished and updated raschel and jacquard knitting machines. Also, guide bars and spare parts. Technical information on PDF files. English and German.
Zosing Enterprise Co., Ltd
Taiwan. Buyers and sellers of pre-owned circular knitting machines and parts. Detailed list of available machines.
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