This category lists web sites of companies involved in the supply of laboratory equipment and instruments for the textile and nonwovens industries.
AMS Systems Services Pte., Ltd
Singapore. Suppliers of machinery and testing instruments to the textile, apparel and furniture upholstery industries, specialising in process optimization, and plant upgrading and erection. Also, technical consultancy. Detailed machine catalog. English and Chinese.
ATI Corp
USA. Distributors of equipment for testing air permeability, water resistance, tearing strength, abrasion, tensile strength, moisture measurement, weathering and color fastness testing for the textile industry.
Aygenteks, Ltd
Turkey. Manufacturers' representatives for a range of testing instruments, equipment and related consumables for fibers, yarns and textile fabrics, carpets and nonwovens. Links to principal companies. English and Turkish.
Benelux Scientific BVBA
Belgium. Distributors and manufacturers' representatives of a wide range of scientific instruments and laboratory equipment for materials characterization in adhesives, textiles, plastics and general industry applications.
Hornik Fibertech
Switzerland. World wide marketing and sales company for fiber measurement and sample solvent scouring systems, and their spare parts for the textile industry. On-line tutorials. Technical information and specifications. Links to related sites.
IDM Instruments Pty., Ltd
Australia. Manufacturers' representatives of a wide range of instruments and equipment for testing and evaluation of industrial materials and products. Crockmeters, and digital air-permeability and color fastness testing equipment. Also, load and abrasion testers for carpets, and cutting tools and accessories. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information on PDF files. Links to principal companies.
Introtech, Ltd
China. Distributors and manufacturer's representatives of testing instruments and equipment for the textile industry. Also, maintenance, repair and calibration services, and laboratory consultancy. English and Chinese.
James H. Heal Co., Ltd
UK. Testing instruments and related supplies for the nonwovens, textile and apparel industries. Also, distributor for foreign manufacturers of complementary test equipment.
Libero, Ltd
China. Manufacturers' representatives for quality control equipment and services to the textiles and optics manufacturing industries. Detailed product catalogs.
Mars Traders
Pakistan. Manufacturers' representatives for textile laboratory equipment and consumables. Also, distributors of medical products, equipment and accessories.
Measured Solutions, Inc
USA. Distributors of a range of testing instrument for fibers, slivers, and spun and filament yarns. Also, repair and calibration services. Detailed equipment catalogs, including technical information.
Pana Co, Inc
Iran. Distributors of testing equipment, machinery and raw materials for a range of industrial applications. Instruments for fiber, yarn and fabric testing.
SDL Atlas, LLC
UK. Suppliers of textile and nonwovens testing, quality control and laboratory equipment. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information and specifications.
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