This category lists manufacturers and distributors of equipment for the geosynthetics fabrication and installation industry.

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Abbeon Cal, Inc
USA. Manufacturers' representatives and suppliers of hand held and industrial hot-air welding equipment, and automatic welders for technical textiles, and plastic processing and fabrication applications. Also, moisture meters and thermocutters.
C.J. Loftus Electronics Pty., Ltd
Australia. Manufacturers and suppliers of a range of high-frequency (HF) welding machinery for synthetic fabrics and polymer films. Also, custom modification, technical consulting, and selling pre-owned machinery. Detailed machine catalogs, including technical information.
Carr Group
Manufacturers and suppliers of ultrasonic and high-frequency welding machinery for the fabrication of PVC tarps, banners, curtains, marquees, pool liners and plastic sheeting. Also, coated fabrics, unsupported plastic sheeting and accessories, and components for the stationery industry.
Clemens National Co
USA. Portable, hand held welding hot air and flameless heat gun tools for roofing, geomembranes, flooring and industrial applications.
Concord Geotechnical Associates, LLC
USA. Design and manufacture of installation equipment for the geosynthetic lining industry. Wedge, extrusion and hot-air welders, tensiometers, coupon cutters, and vacuum, spark and air test equipment. Extensive technical information and specifications. Links to related sites.
Demtech Services, Inc
USA. Standard and custom engineered thermoplastic welding equipment, testing equipment and accessories for the geosynthetics industry. Also, consulting services and training.
Erosion Control Implements, LLC
USA. Design and manufacture of wire reinforced silt fencing system. Photo gallery and instruction video.
Forsthoff GmbH
Germany. Manufacturers of hot-air welding equipment, generators and accessories for a wide range of industrial applications. Hand held hot-air welding torches for thermoplastic resins, technical textiles, tarpaulin materials, pond liners, roofing foils and foils used in swimming pool construction. Extensive technical information and product specifications. Product catalogs on PDF files. Directory of world wide agents. Multi-lingual site.
Miller Weldmaster Corp
USA. Design and manufacture of rotary hot air welding and hot wedge welding machines for the bonding, sealing and fusing of thermoplastic fabrics, geotextiles and membranes, and garments. Custom engineering services. Extensive technical FAQ.
Nawon, Inc
USA. Manufacturers of rotary ultrasonic welders, hot air welders and seam taping machines and programmable tackers for nonwovens and technical textile applications. Technical information and machine specifications.
Novaseal Corp
USA. Design, development and manufacture of proprietary technology and patented machinery and equipment for pulse-type heat sealing, wedge welding, ultrasonic welding and hot platen welding for woven and nonwoven geotechnical products, signs and banners, and custom applications. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information and specifications. Library of technical articles and video presentations.
Novaweld, LLC
USA. Wedge welding equipment for field seaming of geomembranes, geotextiles and geocomposites. Also, welding equipment for coated fabrics for tents, awnings, covers, and marine and medical products.
Plastic Welding Sdn Bhd
Malaysia. Manufacturers and suppliers of hand held and automatic hot-air, laser, ultrasonic and high-frequency welding equipment for technical textiles, and plastic processing and fabrication applications. Technical information on PDF files.
PolyWeld, Inc
USA. Manufacturers of extruder welding machines, wedge welders, and tensiometers for the geosynthetics industry. Also, distributors of hand held welding hot air guns, and repair facilities.
Germany. Development and manufacture of computer controlled information systems for leak detection and location, and long-term monitoring of geosynthetic membrane systems. Extensive technical information and FAQ. List of partner sites. English and German.
Sinclair Equipment Co
USA. Design and manufacture of heat-sealing equipment for technical textiles and flooring. Also, grooving equipment, and laminating and hand tools. Wedge welding systems for geotextiles, tarpaulins and awnings, tents, curtains, bags and tubes. Also, parts and accessories. Technical manuals on PDF files.
Super Ultrasonic Co., Ltd
Taiwan. Design and manufacture of machinery for ultrasonic and high-frequency welding of thermoplastic materials. Also, ultrasonic sewing machines. Detailed machine catalogs, including technical information and specifications. Description of ultrasonic welding technology. English and Chinese.
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