This category lists companies involved in the manufacture of equipment, parts and complete systems for web tension and winding control.
Dynaweb, Inc
USA. Design and manufacture of tension monitoring and control systems for the paper, flexible packaging, printing, film, foil, textile and nonwovens manufacturing and converting industries. Technical information. Operation manuals on PDF files.
Fife Corp
USA. Manufacturers of web guides, sensors, processors, controllers, and web handling components for paper, textile and nonwovens, rubber, plastics, metal, construction materials, wire, and specialty applications. Part of Maxcess International, Inc.
Magpowr Corp
USA. Manufacturers and suppliers of web tension and torque control technology for un- and rewind, and intermediate web applications for the textile and nonwovens, paper and film, wire and metal, and the tire and rubber industries. Slitter positioning solutions, guiding sensors, dancers and air shafts for nonwovens applications. Part of Maxcess International Co.
Re SpA
Italy. Design and manufacture of brakes, chucks, load cells, and tension control and web guiding systems for the textile and nonwovens, paper, wire, rubber and converting industries. Extensive technical information and drawings. English and Italian.
Texkimp, Ltd
UK. Design and manufacture of creels for the unwinding, guiding and tensioning of fibers, tow, yarns, and mono- and multifilament tape. Detailed technical information and brochures on PDF files. List of global agents.
Trumeter Co., Inc
USA. Design and manufacture of mechanical and electronic counting, measuring, monitoring and timing instruments for continuous production processes. Detailed product catalog, with technical information. Multi-lingual site.
Web Tension Control, Ltd
UK. Manufacturers of web tension control amplifiers, controllers, indicators and transducers.
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